SOTD : Saturday 20th - Friday 26th July


Soap - Proraso Green
Brush - Yaqi Rainbow
Razor - Ball End Tech
Blade - Gillette Nacet (3)
Post - Witch Hazel
AS - Old Spice (Indian Version)

After seeing @Blademonkey using one soap for one month, I decided to do a similar thing myself. Not for a month though, but a week! Ok, that's not the most extreme commitment but if I manage to use just one soap for a week as I generally change every day then it could be a way to actually use some up soap! I went for Proraso Green, as the last time I used it I had a poor lather even though it's the soap I have owned for the longest.

A good lather today and a superb shave, one of the ones where there wasn't even the slightest bit of resistance towards the blade/razor. Went for the neglected bottle of Indian Old Spice which is nice, makes a change from the usual splashes I tend to go for.

Anyway chaps, I hope you have a good Saturday.
Saturday 20 July 2019

PreShave: Warm to hot water, most from the boiled kettle some from the tap
Cream: OSP Vintage
Brush: Kent BK8
Bowl: My recycled T&H cream bowl
Razor: The Sledgehammer (Merkur 39C)
Blade Gillette Sputnik (1)—what else given the anniversary?
Post Shave: Alum

Fragrance: Floris 71/72

A fine shave.

Have a good weekend, folks. (Says a lot that I remember the landing and watching the moonwalk, they’re not my earliest memories, and I don't consider myself old ... .)
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