SOTD : Saturday 1st - Friday 6th August 2020.

Kent UK
Thur 6th August

RazoRock 400/ SE Plissoft noir
Arko Stick -grated
Schick N3
Schick Twin- Japan [ 7 ]
Pitralon Original A/S Lotion

Today used the youngest of the US. Schick family - The N3. This is my favourite Schick that takes a Twin Blade, as I get consistently get smooth and comfortable Shaves with it, and a finish that is invariably top notch. I actually prefer it to the popular M series adjustables.

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Castlerea , Ireland
Thursday Shave

Preshave - African Black Soap
Soap - 3P
Brush - Wild West Brushworks 24mm Cashmere
Razor - Ribbon 1000 Straight
Balm - Barts Bergamot and Vanilla
EDT - CK Obsession

Lots of new things for me on this Shave. First the successes, The Ribbon 1000 is a beautiful razor and just the right weight and feel , the Wild West Brush Works Brush is lovely.

3P I loved the scent and the lather and was really enjoying it , then sadly I reacted to it :(. Good job I didn't buy a Kilo :)

20200806_002713 2.jpg
Rebublic of Scotland


Two Pass Shaving Routine.. :p

Hot Water Prep & Massage with Argan Oil
Otto Deutsch's Hans Solingen Full Hollow 6/8th
Hans Baier Silver Tip
Valobra Tallow Soap
Humphreys Witch Hazel

I Had a Shave this Morning with My Beautiful Otto Deutsch's Hans Solingen 6/8th...Its a Huge Sized Blade for a 6/8th & Delivered a Smooth & Close Shave..Wunderbar..:D

I Am Dolphin Smooth & Refreshed..:cool:




prep- facial scrub
razor - 37c Slant
blade - Shark Platinum (1 and out)
brush - Stirling two-band fan
soap - A&E - St Barts
post - witch hazel
a/s - A&E - St Barts
balm - none
scent - A&E - St Barts parfum.

What a shit show - they do say - that you should try everything once - with the exception of incest and line-dancing - I knew that Shark blades were awful - but apparently didn't learn my lesson - I'm still bleeding - on the up side - I have learned that I am not haemophiliac - dreadful shave - awful - my face - the bits that aren't bleeding - feels like a 'well skelpted arse' - good luck with that phrase - if you aren't Scottish. I'm going to take the rest of the blades into the back garden - and set fire to them - so - nobody else can make the same mistake. Each to their own - have better shaves than mine - one and all - yours - I.
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