SOTD Saturday 19th Sept to Friday 25th Sept 2020

High Wycombe
25 Sep 2020 – late afternoon – 3 days’s growth – good shave with the “aggressive” Braveheart! Just a bit of irritation – haven’t used this one for quite a while.
Prep: warm water splash & Nuage Shave Oil
Brush: Yaqi Rainbow 26mm
Razor: Braveheart on Muehle pole
Blade: Astra
Soap: Proraso Cream - Blue
After: Cold Water Splash - Ajanta Alum - Paco Rabanne 1 Million ASB
Day 25 of Signature September

Razor- Merkur 34c

Blade- Gillette Silver Blue

Brush- Yaqi Sagrada Familia

Soap- Signature Valentia

Post- Nivea sensitive

Been sticking to Signature September and enjoying every shave but been busy with work etc so they've been scarce.

Weather getting a tad colder too so the Valentia with Sandalwood, Bergamot and Vetiver got the call up and done a great job.

Find myself reaching more and more for the GSB...what a blade!

Happy Friday one and all.
Shaves of the week 19th to 25th September

Managed to have my first break in 6 months in Angelsey.

For the first couple of days......

Vie Long/AP Shave Cashmere - Eco Warrior Shave Bar - Broman SE/GSB - Segno EDP

For the rest of the week.......

Simpson Eagle 3 = Mitchell's Wool Fat - Broman SE/GSB - Segno EDP

The Eco Warrior soap was used as a shave stick. Really good stuff. It will be a regular.
Rather surprising to me....the Broman gave 7 stellar shaves on half a Gillette Silver Blue blade.
An added bonus was that because we were totally private....I could take photos outside without neighbours thinking I am mad!
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