SOTD Saturday 19th Sept to Friday 25th Sept 2020

Good evening all.

Pre- Bloom Water
Soap- P&B Spitfire
Brush- Omega Boar
Razor- Parker 22R Interceptor
Blade- Gillette 7 O’clock Permasharp.
Post- Alum Block and P&B Spifire
Splash- P&B Spitfire

Feeling nice and smooth but a lot of feedback with the Alum Block. I’m not sure if this razor/blade combination works for me. I’ve read the 22R is an aggressive razor so possibly could be that?

The soap is second to none and I love the scent, just right for the dull day we’ve had down here.

Stay safe everyone

Tues 22nd Sept Thu 24th Sept
Prep: Face wash Pears
Cream: Piccadilly unfragranced
Brush: Maggard 24mm Red Swirl
Razor: EJ DE89 short handle
Blade: Nacet (3)
Post: Hot and cold rinse alum
PSB: L'Oreal All in One
Why did it take me so long to get a proper EJ DE89 instead of a Chinese made copy its 10x better and what can i say about the cheap Piccadilly shaving cream its fantastic i'm tempted to travel to TOBS and pick up a couple more


Today saw a shave themed 'Little puckers'


Bib and tucker - Stainless Mongoose
Sharp looker - Feather Super Professional
Me best mucker - Yaqi Dandelion
Little pucker - Czech and Speake 88
Fucking great moisturiser - Brimble and Hawkins

A shave and a tug this evening. Or more correctly a shave on a tug.

A first time out for the Travel sized puck of C&S 88 soap this evening and judging by the size of it I am guessing this travel is the No.84 bus to Bootle. However its diminutive size is well excused given how much lather it produces from just a quick swirl of the Chinese Welsh national flower brush. Despite the brush being of a diameter twice that of the soap.

Expectations were high after their Oxford and Cambridge and expectations were met. Another superlative Czech and Speake product and another great performer from them.
Of course she did really mean 'I had the most wonderful cream'

The Mongoose does what the Mongoose does best and that is give one super smooth shave with maximum results and minimal effort. I still don't understand how some folk don't have a good word for it. I have a few for them, 'go sod off'

The Dandelion does what all great Welsh national flowers do best. After the Steve Jagger brush it feels like an item from a dolls house bathroom. But it still a Cashmere and by far my knot of the moment.

So all in all a smashing super shave and feeling superbly shaved to perfection.


Thank you ladies, and the same thoughts from me. See you later. Ding dong

So all it takes now to round off my adventures from a sink is some Japanese girlies to rock your socks off and this evening let's have some of those beautiful ladies, 'Band Maid'

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Amber Valley. East Midlands
Thursday 24th September

Brush - YaqI 24mm Tuxedo Marble Handle
Soap - Noble Otter Monarch
Razor - Timeless 0.68 SS Scalloped
Blade - Ladas (2)
Post - Pinaud Clubman

Ladas blade on it's second use was still keen, and not showing any sign of losing smoothness.
It's good to re-visit blades that I haven't used for long time, and I'm enjoying the Ladas.

A good shave - just about BBS all over, and very little tingle from applying Clubman Aftershave which is quite high in alcohol.
Land of the Morning Calm
Thursday and Friday:

Razorock Mamba
Kent Infinity
Timeless Bowl
Proraso Green Tea and Oat
Kai Stainless

Have had problems with Kai blades when I tried them over a year ago, these last two were fantastic. I wouldn't have believed they were the same blade. Do you suppose blades improve after they have had time to age? Maybe relieve the stress from the long international flight?

I wonder how many shaves I will get? When I tried them before, it was a one and done, but that has improved 100% so far.
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