SOTD : Saturday 18th July - Friday 24th July 2020


As a final entry for this week of SOTD's (not as though I've made many) my selected theme was.......


Not a rose - Colonial General V2
Rosy cheeked - Feather Super Professional
Rose tinted - Martin De Chandre Rose shaving soap
Rose brush - Gentleman's Groom Room wee barrel brush
Rose of Sharron - Czech and Speake No.88 sample

A musical theme to start my last shave of the week but don't worry there is still time for the Japanese ladies at the end credits. How could I ever rob you?

A second time out for the MdC and it is everything folk say. A little certainly goes a long long way which it needs to justify the cost, but not only that; what a quality lather. And like I've said before the scent goes on well beyond the shave. A God of soaps and if it had been around in 900 BC I am sure there would have been a Greek God of shaving. I suppose the nearest I can think of is Aphrodite, born out of sea shaving foam and the severed genitals of Uranus. Makes you want to check out the contents before using.

The little Barrel is very much a favourite brush of mine and it is one of those shaving items which makes me happy. I don't know why but it does. I will have to ask Mrs Satanfriendly why and I am sure I can already predict the answer.

The General V2 is up there with the best razors I have scraped over my face down the years. It just doesn't do a thing wrong and just delivers hassle free shaves and shaves which don't do any favours to the styptic pencil industry. The Feather provides the sharpest edge I can feed it and just raises the ante. Love it. And why not?

A dab of C&S No.88 and results are just heavenly. To steal the words of @Palmolive fox (because I am lazy and can't be arsed finding a fitting quippy phrase) 'My face is feeling super smooth and smelling divine.;) '. I don't really have a clue to what he means but I am guessing if it means a great shave followed by smelling on the rosy side of life, then I am a happy bunny. And a divine bunny at that.
I guess climbing out of the TV is easier than trying to climb away from this prattle so I will wish everyone and their families a wonderful, happy and great weekend and play you out with some Japanese Roses and the fantastic 'Band Maid'

24th July 2020

Menthol Blast Shave!

15 minute steam in the Homedics face spa
Fuar ach snog preshave
Proraso refreshing menthol cream
Yaqi Tuxedo brush
Muhle R106 / Personna platinum blade (2nd shave on this blade)
Myrsol emulsion after shave balm

Intense, cooling facial tingle. I've felt a little under the weather most of the day, I'm much fresher now.

24 July

A week of shaves. Today’s was the best. The Parker Variant gave me the best shave of this week and, also, the worst shave of last week, thanks to a duff blade.
Just wondering which blade you used for the best and worst in the Parker Variant? I've been getting up to speed with mine and it worked well with Voskhods but it doesn't seem to get on with Gillette 7 o'clock yellows for me.

Also just to say that the Imperial Rum was a great choice! The only one I've tried from the P&B range but it always leaves me feeling happy.

Edit: to correct a typo
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