SOTD : Saturday 18th July - Friday 24th July 2020


Following on from my previous SOTD theme of " Tried and Tested", above is my theme of "Seldom tried and Untested".
The razors are Gillette Ball end Tech - only used it twice and from memory I wasn't overly impressed. My least enjoyable of the 3 razors.
Star Model 100 was left impressed after 2 shaves. Felt smoother and closer shave than the Tech. Finally my 1976 Gillette Super Speed flare tip. Used twice, gave nice, smooth and mild shave. Had an instant connection with this razor.
Of the blades, recently used and liked the Shark SS, Supermax Blue Diamond i used a while ago and from memory it was a reliable performer. Never got on with the Gillette O'clock blades - shaved with this 3 times and was OK at best. Dorco Titan performed well in my FrankenStar razor in work. Lord Platinum I've used once before and mowed stubble pretty efficiently. The Lancet was a last second Wildcard entry due to me spotting it in someone's SOTD (Palmolive Fox may be responsible).
Looking forward to seeing how these shaves and combinations go and really just want to get to know the razors a bit better.
Stay safe people.
Fri 24 SOTD
Soap Ariana & Evans SoCal Hipster Sample 1st Use
Bowl Ceramic
Brush Yaqi 26mm Orange Black Hair Synthetic
Razor Gillette British Rocket HD
Blade BiC Chrome Platinum 2nd
Post & Aftershave
Ice Water + Special Thayers Mix
Hyaluronic + PAA Cavendish
Another A&A sample soap. Just a pea size and with the brush and bowl, produces a nice thick, creamy and reasonable slickness lather. Good scent too. Can't really recognize it but pleasant.
Too much lather even for 4passes so with the leftovers...keep & see for tomorrow.
Shave with this mild razor paired with blade was very nice. Sharpish, smooth and very comfortable. 3+1 multiple passes with between bbs to dfs result. Due to a nice comfortable razor, made mistake by trying new angle on neck trouble area and suffer a weeper, just to get a closer shave, dang.
Icy cold water rinse followed by chilling Thayers then Hyaluronic and finish off with Cavendish...smell grand. 9/10
Soap - WSP Citrus Blast
Razor - Gillette Tech
Blade - Supermax Blue Diamond #1
Brush- Yaqi Sagrada Familia
Post - Mennen Skin Bracer + L'Oréal Hydra Sensitive Birch Sap.

I wasn't expecting too much from this delicate little razor as from the 2 previous shaves from it were quite underwhelming. But Wow - what a great shave. Awesome, voluminous and slick lather allowed a smooth and surprisingly close 3 pass shave. Little bit of feedback from alum block but I think I'll consciously try to ride the cap a bit more on the second shave with the Tech.
A great shave nonetheless and I'm already pleased to be trying out these little vintage razors and my seldom used, back of the drawer blades.
Stay safe and have a great weekend.
Pre- quick splash around the chops
Soap- Pinnacle Pepe le Bleu
Brush- Simpson t3
Razor- 61 fatboy (9)
Blade- Nacet (2)
Post- Cold water
A/S- Pepe le Bleu splash

First time trying pinnacle grooming soap and splash and quite impressed. Very nice scent which is a nice homage to Bleu de Chanel. 20 second load whipped up a great thick and slick lather. Not as good as Kaizen but close enough. 3 passes no problems and still pulled enough out of the brush for another pass. Finished off with the matching splash. Nice little burn but lots of skin friendly ingredients left my face smooth and well hydrated. Another terrific shave with the fatboy and Nacet blade. Fast becoming my daily go to razor and blade combo.

Razor - Gillette Flat Bottom Tech
Blade - Indian Gillette Wilkinson Sword (1)
Soap - Signature Soaps A Eboracum
Brush - Yaqi Plissoft 24mm
Post - Witch Hazel
Balm - Nivea Cooling Kick
AS - Signature Soaps A Danum Splash

First time using the Gillette Flat Bottom Tech, @pjgh Paul very generously sent me and it's difficult to assess a razor on it's first shave but it produced a cracking shave, I'd say it's a touch more efficient than a Fat Handle but just as smooth. It paired really well with MII GWS, which is becoming one of my go to blades as I find to be near of MOR for sharpness and very smooth, I find it like an Astra SP but I prefer the MII GWS, it's smoother and more forgiving.
I didn't have much left after the first pass, but when ahead with the 2nd as I had enough lather for one, and the lather was delightfully slick, I'm finding myself preferring making lathers that are on the slicker side of things opposed to ones which are thicker and with more cushion, I seem to find I get better results.

A really smooth, comfortable and efficient shave, not even the slightest bit of irritation at the end of the shave. One of the shaves which reminds to why this particular hobby can be such an enjoyable one.

Anyway gents, the weekend is almost upon us and I hope you have a good Friday.
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