SOTD : Saturday 18th July - Friday 24th July 2020

Thursday 23rd July

Maseto 26mm Finest - Meißner Himalayan Heights - Fatip OC Slant/Super Shave X - Pitralon Classic

I have been trying the new Super Shave X blade. Usually I bin a blade after a maximum of 3 shaves but today this was #4. and it was still very smooth with no tugging. I could probably get at least another one......but I am happy enough with what I have had.

3 passes for a super shave which will see me well through the night!

Rockwell 6C (3)
Vie Long stick (tallow)
Semogue TSN L.E. Boar
Wizamet Iridium (1)
Speick Active as lotion

First use of the Wizamet blade, a recent acquisition from @Blademonkey, thank you Paul, which performed very similarly to my favourite Łódź Polsilver. I’m going to be testing these for a while in all my razors. Immediate impression is that they are very smooth and very comfortable, resulting in a faultless, irritation free shave.

Razor - Gillette Ball End Tech
Blade - Treet Durasharp Yellow (2)
Soap - Palmolive Menthol Cream
Brush - Yaqi Rainbow
Post - Witch Hazel
Balm - Nivea Cooling Kick
AS - Indian Old Spice

I generally try to shave every day, the ritual of a wet shave is beneficial for my state of mind, but I'd had a few rough days and it's my first shave since Monday, but feels like it was a lot more than that. I'm not sure the razor & blade combination was a good one for 3 days of growth, it felt like it was struggling a bit but managed to get reasonable results in 2.5 passes. Decided to treat myself to using the Indian Old Spice splash, not a treat for cost but more as it's not a scent I can manage enthusiasm for on a regular basis, in occasional uses it's fine though.

Anyway gents, have a good day.
Mordor, UK
I really liked Le Pere Lucien 'Traditional' AS when I tried it a few days back so I thought I'd give the shave soap a go too...

This afternoon's shave:
  • Ach Brito Glyce Classic soap pre-wash
  • Le Pere Lucien Traditional shaving soap
  • Semogue Pharos-C3 21mm Synth brush
  • Nacet blade in EJ89 on Timeless Titanium
  • Cold water/Alum rub
  • Le Pere Lucien Traditional AS
  • Ach Brito Lavanda cologne

Tomorrow I shall mostly be trying TOBS Royal Forest shaving soap!

Happy shaving days all (y) ;)
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