SOTD : Saturday 18th - Friday 24th May 2019


Erasmic Cream
RazoRock BC Silvertip 24mm synth
Face lather
Gillette Aristocrat 1948
Feather #3
Thayer’s Rose Petal and Aloe Vera
Fine Italian Citrus after shave

Two firsts today. Cream and after shave. The former gifted by a pal and the latter from Shave Lounge this morning. Although a confirmed soap user, I do dip into the creams now and again. The Erasmic I found to be excellent. An almond sized/shaped snurdle on my finger popped into the brush gave a face lather with enough for a six pass shave.

The Italian Citrus is s nice splash. Although not necessarily having a finely tuned nose for nuance, I do get the citrus element which, I assume, will be bergamot and neroli.


Soap - Intesa Avocado Oil Shaving Cream
Brush - Yaqi Fan Tuxedo
Pass 1 - Gillette Guard (1)
Pass 2 & 3 - Gillette Fat Handle w/Supermax Blue Diamond Platinum (2)
Post - Witch Hazel/Nivea Cooling Kick
AS - Benjamins Bay Rum Mentholated

First time using the Intesa Shaving cream, early days to develop an impression of the cream itself but it seems very good - not a million miles from the Palmolive cream - it kind of performs similar for slickness and it's very easy to lather.

For the shave itself, it seemed time to run out my neglected Gillette Guard. I was planning to use it for more than one pass but at the end of the first pass the GG was a bit on the aggressive of things and felt my face wouldn't be up for a second pass with it. As I still had a huge amount of lather left I finished off the shave with a Tech/Supermax blade and the results were really good.
Sunny Sunderland


Pre shave prep: Pears Transparent Lemon flower
Brush: Semogue 620
Soap: OSP Neroli
Razor: Rocnel SE - P 316
Blade: 0.5 Voskhod (2)
Post shave: Alum Block, cold water splash, homemade Witch Hazel with added oils
Balm: Barts balm Lavender
A/S: OSP Neroli

Saved by the Trumpets of common sense.

OK where do I start?
Going against my better judgement I decided to give the Rocnel/Voskhod another run, a lot of people rate these blades, therefore, it must be me?
A nice lather mixed up, smelling great from the OSP. A face wash with the pear's lemon and leave on for extra glide, again the shave started with slow carefull strokes, it feels the same as yesterday, i know its cutting hair but not comfortably, also as i was taking my time the lather starts to dissipate on my face? lathered up again for the 2nd pass and again its pulling (but its not, if you know what i mean) with the SP loaded i have a nice smooth shave? That's it, i abandoned the shave - - - - - - what's that i hear? A rallying call of trumpets coming over the hill lead by VonderVoman, I reach for the Vector, basically an easy comfortable 3rd pass with some buffing, my lather was still dissipating on the face?
The Barts Balm and OSP AS went well together and i am refreshed, clean and smelling well fantastic.
The Voskhod made its way to the blade bin, it gets 1 chance in the AS-D2 before it never darkens the bathroom again, i think this could be my dodgy blade?
The Pears Lemon has been put in the shower cubicle, looking at the packaging it is classed as "Oil Clear" basically for oily skin, err what's in soap?
The Rocnel will be running with Astra SP's or similar.
Again BBS face and no irritation, although the shave itself gives the impression i am going to be sore? A poor shave saved by VonderVoman.
Have great day all.
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