SOTD : Saturday 17th October to Friday 23th October 2020.

Saturday 17th October

Yaqi 24mm 2BB Fan - Cyril R Salter Soap - Fatip Slant//Gillette 365 - Agua Lavanda Puig

A lovely 3pass shave early this morning......and 16 hrs later.....It's still pretty good.
I had considered this razor to be my favourite DE.....but I have to confess that that position is now taken by the Henson.
Mordor, UK
Pre: Shower
Brush: Simpson Commodore X1
Soap: Proraso Green
Razor: Osborne, Garrett & Co Ltd 1899 - 1923. The Kropp 6/8th #1
Edge By: Andrew @Shavers Delight
Post shave: Cold water Rinse, L'oreal Ice Impact
Balm: Proraso Green
Aftershave: Proraso Green
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Not a very good shave today, the shaving gods were not looking on me favourably, Why i am not sure?
Everything was set up for an enjoyable Shave as i had a nice sharp razor at hand, a wonderful lather on the face,
I started my usual routine and everything was going OK, i completed the first pass on the RH side of my face & neck and then moved onto the top lip, i went to rinse the razor and noticed blood dripping into the water?, i didn't feel anything and could not spot where it was coming from, then a large drop landed on my shoulder, it came from my ear lobe? i can only think that when stretching my baggy face my lobe has moved into the blade, schoolboy error!
Anyway after a lot of pressure, cold water and the age old loo paper patch i managed to stop the flow.
I continued with the shave but my heart was not in it, the ear bled another twice and i had to stop it each time.
so an interrupted 2 pass shave giving me an SAS finish, and a 5-8mm slice down my lobe to boot.
I got quite a bit reaction to the splash, although everything is calm now.
Sitting writing this sporting another loo roll patch ( very fetching) and a bit disappointed with myself.
Stay safe and enjoy your day All.
OK...first, there was one thing wrong here: you cut your ear.
Key lesson: Don't try to shave your ears:eek:
But, on the bright side, there were three things you got right: Proraso Green soap, Proraso green AS, and Proraso Green balm.
Key lesson: Proraso green rocks:cool:
It pains me to have to point out these shaving truths to someone I respect so greatly;):giggle:
North East.UK

SOTD : 18th October 2020.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower / Original Source ~ Tingly Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel.


Cold wet flannel to my face.

Simple ~ Sensitive Bar Soap + Wilko Men's shave Oil.

Brush: Anbbas Boar.

Face Lather.

Soap : Haslinger ~ Schafmilch Sheep Milk Soap.

Blade: Mers ~ SuperShave X Platinum. (2)

Razor: Baili BD 191.


Cold Water Face Rinse./Homemade peppermint lavender eucalyptus, + Tea Tree essential Oils Witch Hazel Mixture./ Nivea Men ~ 2 Phase ASL.

Creightons ~ Sensitive PSB.

A relaxing Sunday morning shave.

It's been a while since i last used the The Haslinger Sheep soap is a magnificent performer with only a slight clean pleasant fragrance 'to my nose'.

I personally find the vast majority of shaving soap scents disappear once i have rinsed my face with cold water.

The schafmilch sheep milk soap texture reminds me of MWF/ Kent shaving soap which all contain lanolin of which my mature skin type loves, what i instantly liked about it was it lathered without the addition of blooming creating a wonderful luxurious slick protective lather which doesn't dissipate on my face between each pass leaving a superb post shave feel.

Another very comfortable 3 pass + pick ups near BBS shave with no errors to report.

Finishing the shave off with a generous dollop of Creightons ~ Sensitive PSB.

My face is feeling silky smooth & smelling divine. ;)

Stay safe, and enjoy you Sunday ladies & gentlemen.:cool:

Sunday, 18 October 2020

PreShave: Warm to hot water—most from the boiled kettle, some from the tap
Cream: D R Harris Almond
Brush: Kent BK8
Bowl: My recycled T&H cream bowl
Razor: Futur (3, 2.5, 1.5)
Blade Astra Platinum (2)
Post Shave: Alum

Fragrance: Floris Jermyn Street

It was a nice shave to start a Sunday morning; and left my face smooth. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, folks.
Kent UK
Sun 18th October.

RR 400.Se-Plissoft noir
P & B Citra Royale
Occams V1-plate 3
Feather Proguard [ 4 ]
Pitralon Classic A/S Lotion

Another Shave with a lighter Razor, I am really having a nice run of good Shaves. Out to lunch and hotel stay organised by my son in advance of my upcoming Birthday on !9th Oct. I will not be using my Birth Razor -Schick Type F tomorrow as I am not on an Injector rotation.

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