SOTD : Saturday 17th October to Friday 23th October 2020.

Rebublic of Scotland


Two Pass Shaving Routine..

Hot Water Prep & Massage with Argan Oil
Otto Busch World Master Silver Sheffield Steel Full Hollow 6/8th (Freshly Honed)
Mason Pearson Pure Badger
Vitos Tallow Soap
Humphreys Witch Hazel

I had a Late Evening Shave with My Recently Required Otto Busch World Master Solingen 6/8th..The Blade is Made from Kayser Ellison & Co Sheffield Silver Steel..I Always Wanted One of these & it Came Up at a Good Price So I Jumped on it..It Doesn't Quite Feel Like Any Sheffield Blade I Have Shaved with..Just Feels Different Somehow..Cant Explain it..But its a Real Nice Shaver..Wunderbar..

I Am Dolphin Smooth & Refreshed..



This shave took the theme 'Take 2'


This shave is not to be mistaken with 'Taken 2', a film starring Liam Neeson which did not include daily shaving activities.

A second take - Occams Commander
Blade 2 - Feather Super Professional
Two brush or not two brush - Yaqi Dandelion
A soapy pair - C&S Oxford and Cambridge
That is Oxford on the right

A second outing for the big Commander with the big head and even bigger expectations. The first time out this big boy left a nice impression of its capabilites and an impressive shave at the same time. When I first met my wife I must have given the same good impression but now she just thinks I'm a twat. Is the Commander going to leave the same feeling?

The last time I mentioned accuracy and nothing has changed there. The problem here is the head is just so damn wider than the blade and it is difficult to judge exactly where the blade is. There is a good chance sideboards may well end up looking more like wardrobes and several feet wide. Someone once described AC blades as large as windscreen wiper blades. In this case this is definitely in to Volvo truck territory.

Under the nose I appear to have nailed and the rest of the routine likewise. I still love the fact this is one very secure and safe piece of kit which delivers an astoundingly close finish with exceptional comfort. A step up to three three dot plate is next as I feel 'even closer' is still there for the taking(2).

It remains a wonderful razor in the context of the quality of delivery, but I still can't help think it could have been physically smaller. But hey, what the fuck do I know about razor design? Or anything else for that matter.

Well done the lather team by the way. And girlies in the bath, see you soon...
Oxford? Cambridge? Come back, please

Come back you Japanese ladies......and they did

The return of that overenthusiastic drummer Junna

Have a great weekend all you people of the forum and stay well and healthy in every way. Did I ever say it? but I love you all
North London
Pre - Shower / Face wash
Cream - Sweyn Forkbeard - Vanilla and tobacco leaf
Brush - New Forest Silvertip
Razor - Merkur 34G
Blade - Wilkinson (6)
Post - Moisturiser

Pre - Shower / Face wash
Soap - Tabac
Brush - New Forest Silvertip
Razor - Merkur 34G
Blade - Wilkinson (7)
Post - Moisturiser

Fat Friday
Pre - Shower / Face wash
Soap - MWF
Brush - Razorock
Razor - Merkur 34G
Blade - Wilkinson (1)
Post - Moisturiser

All good shaves, Two and half passes.
Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
Give me lanolin, or give me death ...

I'm shaving fairly infrequently again but when I do, I'm really enjoying the Yaqi Katana and a little pile of Shark, Lord, Big Ben & Asco blades. I'm enjoying the single edge format with half DE blades and actually like to do that even with a DE razor, just using one side. Use once and ditch - it saves me all that anguish and heartache around just how many shaves you can get from which blades.

Anyway, tonight's shave ...

Wash up with Ach Brito Glyce
Lather up with Mitchell's Wool Fat & RazoRock 400 w/Black Fibre
Shave with Yaqi Katana & Asco Super Stainless (1)
One pass to whip off 8 days and another to catch any stragglers
Hot rinse, cold rinse and pat dry
Generous splash of Brut Musk
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