SOTD : Saturday 16th May - Friday 22th May 2020

Pre: Shower
Brush: Alpha Outlaw Titanium G4 Synth
Soap: Arran Soap Co. Machrie
Razor: Supply V2 Custom 3 dot
Blade: Personna Injector (7)
Post shave: Alum Block, Cold water splash, EO infused Witch Hazel
Balm: Arran Soap Co. Machrie
Aftershave: Arran Soap Co. Machrie
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I swapped out the #2 plate for the #3 and was rewarded with a very smooth close shave, obviously my technique has improved and the Supply now delivers a shave on par with the Vintage injectors i have.
A nice face lather today with the Alpha Ti G4 working very well.
A nice post shave leaving me soft supple BBS and smelling real good.
Stay safe and enjoy your day All
That is one gorgeous looking brush. I've had my eye on that brush a few times, haven't pulled the trigger yet.
I was wondering how the knot in it, compares to a Tuxedo knot?
Why did this reply need to be on 3 different (also old) threads?
Because all the SOTD that were showing the brush, were from different people and I was wanting opinions from the different owners on it. I thought that would have went without saying.
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