SOTD : Saturday 16th May - Friday 22th May 2020

Ontario, Canada
The mid-week shave! Though really it was Victoria Day here in Canada so we have only four work days this week. Happy Hump Day!

I have been on a fine run of A’crats lately and though the 34G isn’t an A’crat it is a golden beauty nonetheless. Today’s razor of choice the Gillette Aristocrat Junior made in England. This flat bottom beauty is weighty and in quite minty condition. Fantastic shaver! There is just so much quality in the feel of this razor. Not as fancy as it’s other siblings but it is quality throughout. Loaded up with a fresh Gillette Platinum.

Soap of the day Artisan Soaps Leather. I am just amazed at how wonderful this leather scent is. It’s addictive! I could live in this tub! Sad but true! Great soap period.

Lovely three pass shave and BBS achieved. Just had to linger and enjoy the scent! Topped it off with some English Leather AS and John Varvatos Dark Rebel...a leather extravaganza! So good! Enjoy the sun, your day and your shaves! Stay safe!

Rating: 5 / 5

Razor: Gillette Aristocrat Junior 1949-52
Blade: Gillette Platinum
Brush: Rocky Mountain Barber Company - Best Badger
Lather: Artisan Soaps Leather
Aftershave: English Leather
Additional Care:
B.I.G. Co. Alum Block
John Varvatos Dark Rebel
Amber Valley. East Midlands
Wednesday 20th May

Soap - Vitos Red Super Extra Coco
Brush - YaqI Chianti 24mm Synthetic
Razor - RazoRock Game Changer .84-P
Blade - RapIra (2)
Post - Proraso Green ASL

It's been a long time since I last used Vitos soap. It lathers so readily, almost as if the very sight of a damp brush is enough to make it erupt in to a thick creamy lather.
Ten seconds to load and ready to face lather, resulting in enough lather for two full shaves.
Proraso Green ASL to finish on this very warm evening.
North East.UK

SOTD : 21st May 2020.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower / Original Source Cherry & Almond Shower Milk.


Cold wet flannel to my face.

Pears ~ Transparent Soap Bar.

Brush: Semogue 830.

Face Lather.

Soap : Tabac.

Blade: Gillette 7'O Clock Sharpedge .(4)

Razor: 1940's Thin Handle Gillette Flat Bottom Tech. (ENG)


Cold Water Face Rinse./Homemade peppermint eucalyptus, Tea Tree , lemon essential Oils + menthol crystals Witch Hazel Mixture./Tabac ASL.

Boots ~ Freshwood ASB.


Early morning shave...

Ive recently been having some phenomenal shaves with my humble vintage gillette tech's ,has it's been a while since i last used my vintage flat bottom tech i've gave it a long awaited outing What i personally like about the gillette tech is they are such smooth shavers, especially the earlier models, i couldn't pick my favourite, because each and everyone that i have is a joy to shave with.

However,i find the 40's & 50's models slightly more assertive depending on the blade choice i pair them up with.

A great 'all Round' de razor that every traditional wet shaver should try at least once...These classic humble razors have stood the test of time.

The Tabac soap after a few minutes blooming in tepid water created a luxurious lather in a short space of time,wetting the tips of the brush inbetween each pass without having to reload the brush to create more lather.

A enjoyable 3 pass + pick ups BBS shave with no errors to report.

My face is feeling smooth & smelling devine.;)

Stay safe & sound, and enjoy your day ladies & gentlemen.:cool:

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