SOTD: Saturday 16th June- Friday 22nd June 2018.


Brush: Frank Shaving 20mm Best Badger
Soap: Mitchell’s Wool Fat (sample)
Razor: Rapira
Blade: Tiger Superior Stainless (3)

Having fallen in love with these blades, I had a look to see where I could pick up some more, only to discover that they're no longer in production and only available as NOS in single tucks. Waah!

This was my first go with the Rapira razor, a low-cost Russian made design that's very loosely based on the Gillette Tech. It is advertised as being "For aggressive shaving. This safety razor not suitable for wet shave beginners!" I've not seen much about it on here, but I've seen it described elsewhere as being as efficient as a R41.

At 60g it's over half an ounce heavier than the Wilkinson Sword Classic, but felt lighter somehow. I was full of trepidation, but had a problem free and very close shave. A razor to be respected rather than feared, it probably won't become my daily driver, but will definitely see further use.

Happy shaving.
Wednesday 20th June

Olive Oil Soap
Proraso Green Tea and Oatmeal Preshave
RazoRock Irish Countryside Soap
Sagrada Familia Tuxedo Brush
Ming Shi 2000S (3,4,5) Razor with a Bic Platinum Chrome Blade
Witch Hazel
Virgin Rosehip Oil
Bronnley English Fern Cologne
Worth pour Homme EDT

I am off work for a few days as I am on duty all weekend.....and what a shave to start with! After yesterdays rather rushed affair....this was just perfection.
Three passes for a superb BBS shave. I smell good....and feel great:)
SOTD …. Tuesday 19.06.2018
No pic again.... really lacking on this front at the mo.
Pre: Shower, Bulldog face wash
Soap: Wickhams 1912 Magnum sample
Brush: 24mm Yaqi Sagrada Familia Synthetic
Razor: EJ89 Lined handle
Blade: Nacet (2)
Post: Cold water rinse and Thayers unscented Witch Hazel
AS: Nivea 2 Phase

Quite a nice shave yesterday, smell from the Wickhams reminds me of MB Templetree, lovely! A 3 pass (including ATG on neck) reverting back to the trusty EJ89 set-up which went well (although not as efficient as the EJ/Yaqi hybrid) with no nicks or cuts. However I experienced a lot of redness around the neck area after playing football again... It seems to be a 'Tuesday thing'.
Land of the Prince Bishops
Wednesday 20th June
Yaqi Sagrada Familia
Haslinger Honig (Tallow)
Ever Ready 1912

Ever Ready Corrux stropping blade
Selin Lemon Cologne
Dove Instant Hydration Cream

I knew after the 1st pass, this shave was going to be exceptional. Everything worked just great.
The Haslinger lather was really slick and just perfect and the 1912 and the stropping blade are a match made in heaven.

Hope your shaves are as good!!!
Pre: Cold water face wash
Brush: Omega 11137 Boar
Soap: Unknown
Razor: Gibbs No.15 @4
Blade: Astra SP
Post: Cold water rinse, Lea Classic ASL

As the Ambassador is prone to dragging I didn't fancy using it with an unknown soap so I roped in (imo) the real King (Rex) of adjustable DEs the Gibbs.
Vive le Gibbs!
Happy Shaving one and all.
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