SOTD: Saturday 16th June- Friday 22nd June 2018.

SOTD 17.06.2018
Lacking in a photo again.......

Pre: Cold water splash
Soap: Wickhams 1912 Irish Fern sample
Brush: Yaqi Sagrada Familia 24mm synthetic
Razor: EJ89 top plate, Yaqi OC bottom plate, Bulldog handle
Blade: Nacet (1)
Post: Cold water rinse, Thayers unscented Witch Hazel
AS: Fine Platinum

Experimented with the razor set-up today after coming to the conclusion that I cannot use the Yaqi DOC ever day.... good for a few days growth, but not a daily driver as too much irritation. So went for a hybrid combo of the EJ89 top plate, and the OC bottom part from the Yaqi. Seemed to work very nicely, no irritation and didn't feel aggressive at all. 3 passes for a nice smooth shave.... although not BBS. Even went ATG on the neck! I think I have found that the Lab blue blade is not particularly well suited to my skin. Changed back to the trusty Nacet, and I think at the mo is my no.1 blade of choice.
Monday 18th June

Olive Oil Soap
Proraso Green Tea and Oatmeal Pre Shave
Cril R Salter Tallow Soap
Omega 10065 Boar Brush
ER 1924 Razor with a shimmed SS Blade
Witch Hazel
Aloe Vera Gel
Agua Lavanda Puig
Bronnley Lavender EDT

On a bit of a Lavender binge this morning and I had a superb shave to set me up for the day:)
Pre: Cold water face wash
Brush: Vie-Long 14846 Badger/Horse
Soap: Vitos Red
Razor: Rex Supply Co. Ambassador @4 (on loan)
Blade: Astra SP
Post: Cold water rinse, Tuff Red ASL

Day three in the Ambassador Suite and things are beginning to drag.
Even on setting four there was a little drag. On the second pass I made the lather thinner hoping that would help but the drag was still there.
Maybe it's because of the chunky SB, I honestly don't know.
What I do know though, is the finished shave was very good and no feedback from the alum, so a successful if somewhat confusing shave.
Happy Shaving one and all.

Barry Giddens

Morning shave

Olive Oil Soap
P&B Pall Mall
Maseto 30mm Finest
Gillette Fatboy
Personna Star (2)
Thayers Witch Hazel (unscented)
OSP Neroli Aftershave Tonic
Acqua Di Parma Colonia Essenza EDC

The Personna Star works beautifully in the Fatboy for me. I will have to ration my few remaining blades very carefully. Have a good day chaps.
Prep: Hot towel
Pre shave: Prep
Razor: Weber ARC
Blade: Wilkinson Sword
Brush: 'Papa Chub' (Chubby 3 Manchurian)
Soap: Reef Point: Espresso
Post: Cold water rinse / Witch Hazel /Wholly Kaw: King of Oud Aftershave Toner

the Wilkinson Sword didn't produce the smoothest shave that I've ever had, but it did produce a lovely BBS finish... while the Espresso, and Oud need no explanation... luvverly!


image.jpg ~SOTD~

Prep ~ Valbora Glicerlanolina soap, Shower
Razor ~ Muhle R41 2013
Blade ~ Gillette Bleue Extra
Soap ~ Haslinger Sheep milk (Tallow)
Brush ~ SOC (Taj) Badger & Boar mix
Bowl ~ TSR Group buy
Post ~ Thayers Rose Petal
Scent ~ Creed - Royal Oud

A great shave and the star today was the brush, it ripped into the haslinger like the best boar but had the face feel of a well worn badger and that was on its first use! I am pleased with this brush already.
The razor and blade performed as you would expect, just perfectly.
I finnished off this great shave with a spray or two of Creed Royal Oud, the perfect finnish I think!

Shave happy people.....P


Hi Guys, I haven’t posted for some time and would you believe have never used proraso cream or aftershave. I’m off to very hot climes at the end of the month so I wanted to try Proraso with the view of taking the products. A very good close effortless shave today so it’s in the case.

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Amber Valley. East Midlands
Monday 18th June

RazoRock 400 Plissoft Noir
De Vergulde Hand Soap
Rockwell 6C plate 4
Voskhod (1)
Lime Peppermint & Lavender witch hazel
De Vergulde Hand After Shave Balsem

For a budget soap, this Dutch product works very well. While loading the damp brush it didn't appear to create much lather, but when face latherIng it soon began to yield.
Plenty, well, too much lather was quickly attained.
It's scent is unlike any other soap I have used. To my nose it's a clean sort of cologne scent. Quite pleasing. Plenty of cushion and glide with fair residual slickness.
The matching balm has the same scent and seems to absorb quite quickly.

Thanks again to Derrick, @The Geordie Shaver for the soap and balm.
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