SOTD : Saturday 15tt - Friday 21th August 2020.

North London
Pre - Shower / Face wash
Cream - Sweyn Forkbeard - Vanilla and Tobacco Leaf
Brush - GFT pure badger
Razor - Merkur 34G
Blade - Wilkinson (8)
Post - Saponificio Varesino - Opuntia AS (sample).

A nice two and a half pass shave this morning. I do like the scent of the Vanilla and Tobacco Leaf, it is more of an Autumn scent to me, as it's quite windy outside today, it fits.

Kent UK
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Prep - facial scrub
razor - Schick I1
blade - Schick vintage twin (2)
soap - MT - Lavender paste
brush - Semogue 2015 HD (@culcreuch )
post - witch hazel
a/s - Quorum
balm - none
scent - Caron.

Coldwater shower and shave -

All good - a week's growth coming off - not that good actually - in the last week I have learned - that my boiler - is beyond repair - I have been accidentally flooding my downstairs neighbour's flat - nothing drastic - slow drip - enough to damage their plaster - insurance claim. Also I lost my job - entirely Covid related - happy days - let's go from £500 a week - to Universal Credit - a system - most would agree is not fit for purpose. - I.
Hope you find something soon.
Mike B
Kent UK
Fri 21st August

Stirling Syn. 26mm
P & B Pall Mall
Occam-Hiram Commander / Plate2
Kai CT Mild/Pink [ 7 ]
Floid Vigoroso A/S lotion

The more I use this Razor with a Plate 2 the better it becomes. Though I have not yet Shaved with a Proline/ Feather Pro blade on board, the quality of finish I am getting is up there with the likes of an ATT SE1, RR S/S Hawk V3-A plate. Now for me is ahead of the more favoured Occams- Enoch, but it is rather hefty which is likely to put people off.

SOTD 20th August
The usual set up as its been all week. The 4th and final shave with the Lord Platinum blade accompanied by the Star Model 100. Great first 2 passes - smooth and sharp.
The third pass however, the blade dropped off nearly instantly. Became tuggy and started to irritate my skin. Think 3 shaves is the max for this blade. Performance was up there ( for me anyway) with the Shark SS and Supermax Blue Diamond. Great lather once again from WSP soap.
Stay safe people and enjoy your shaves
Fri 21 Island Shave for Work
Cream Arko Cool
Bowl Red Nubs
Brush Yaqi 26mm Rainbow
Razor Gillette Fatboy F4
Blade Tatra Platinum 3rd
Postshave Special Thayers Mix
Aftershave Reuzel Wood & Spice
Beautiful sunrise shave! Working for 2 days here at paradise!
Pleasant scent and quality lather.
The Fatboy paired well with the blade for smooth comfortable shave. Set 9 for 2 wtg & xtg passes and set 7 for the last atg pass. No issues today.
Thayers and Reuzel did their stuff and a thoroughly enjoyable Island Shave! Now can start work smartly! Rating 9.5/10!
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