SOTD : Saturday 15tt - Friday 21th August 2020.

Mordor, UK
A few new items for this afternoon's shave...

As a big fan of the EJDE89, I always wanted to have the gold-plated one and it arrived earlier today, so it just had to be used immediately. Also received today was a pot of Abysso shaving soap and yet another Yaqi brush. Here's the shave:

Software: Pre-wash Ach Brito Glyce Lime soap / Edwin Jagger Sensitive Pre-shave cream (sample) / Abysso shaving soap / Abysso AS

Hardware: Yaqi 22mm Cola synthetic brush / EJDE89 Gold Barley razor + Gillette Nacet blade


It would have been nice if Davidoff produced a shaving soap or cream to go with their AS splash, balm and EDT etc, but in its absence, Abysso is the closest thing. I tried the AS splash a few days back and really liked it, so the soap was an obvious buy. I wasn't disappointed and really enjoyed the scent and the lather itself. The 22mm Cola is a little narrower and taller than some brushes, which makes it ideal for some of the smaller tubs of soap or shaving bowls. It has plenty of backbone and is as soft as you would expect from a modern synth. A typically smooth and burn-free shave from the razor left me with a shave that was as good as gold!

Good day to all:)(y)
And this vintage based shave had the theme 'Nineteen Hundred and Twelve'

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Scott of the Antarctic - Ever Ready 1912
RMS Titanic - Gem
Republic of China - Yaqi Dandelion (Very fitting)
Stockholm Olympics - Signature Soaps Danum
International opium convention - Czech and Speake No.88

'N-n-n-n-n-Nineteen' sang Paul Hard Castle but it had Jack shit to do with shaving or razors. Or 1912

As it is though Nineteen Hundred and Twelve was actually quite an eventful year in many historical respects. It was also the year when Ever Ready decided to digress from batteries and bulbs and in to razors.

As you may already know this 1912 was a very nice charity shop find and later informed by you well heeled folk to be circa 1930. I actually thought given its condition it had undergone some level of restoration, only to learn this is how they are. For something pushing 90 years it is one remarkably well-made razor.

What blade? I asked. Easy. There is only one, the Personna Gem. A very kind @culcreuch made sure I could get off in a positive manner and a small batch arrived through the post. (y)

Figuring out how to load a blade took a whole ten seconds. First thoughts were 'by fuck that is a lot of Blade exposure'. Scary shit. The fright factor thank God was short lived.

A face full of the excellent Danum by @BrianH and if ever, ready.

After my normal selection of SE razors this thing was a bit like shaving with a shovel head. Easy to find the angle as all I had to think was 'like scraping dry toast'. Get that sound and you're there. Yup easy enough.

Certainly very light weight compared to what I am used to, but certainly very effective. In fact deceivingly so. A bit dodgy around the chin and trying to steer a gardening implement under my nose was a tad Hairy. In all respects. But job done and one incredibly close, smooth and efficient grin inducing shave. Totally ecstatic. More so this thing is as old as my dad. He is not grin inducing.

Utterly stunned and all I can think is that we have not come all that far in the past 90 years.

To finish it all off in an old fashioned kind of way a light spray of C&S 88 and everything is coming up Roses.

A super shave and the ladies are queueing up to check out this charming man

'Excuse me but do you mind if I go before you?'

'No problem at all but I think we are all after a group of Japanese ladies anyway'

Of course I was getting my Ever Ready's mixed up at the start and I was thinking more Ethel The Eveready who invented electric hand torches.
20 August 2020 – mid afternoon – after cycling and gardening ….
2 days' growth – took out my new Wilkinson Classic budget razor and I must say it’s quite good, result more or less same as with the Muehle R89. Of course … having been pleased with myself I then cut myself, nothing to do with the razor or blade, just being careless but nothing cold water and alum couldn’t deal with.
Prep: Aldi Bath Soap & Nuage Shave Oil
Brush: Yaqi Rainbow 26mm
Razor: Wilkinson Sword Classic
Blade: Wilkinson Sword supplied with razor
Soap: Proraso Blue cream
After: Cold Water Splash - Ajanta Alum - Autograph ASB
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That black razor looks really cool. Like a serious tool
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