SOTD: Saturday 15th to Friday 21th of 2020


Razor - Old Type
Blade - Gillette 7 Black
Brush - Yaqi Plissoft
Soap - Mr Vicco
Post - Witch Hazel
AS - Benjamin's Bay Rum Mentholated

A really smooth and comfortable combination with the razor and blade, even if the lather wasn't the greatest. I'm coming to appreciate the Mr Vicco may have a smiling man with a moustache on the tube but the lather itself is somewhat underwhelming.

Anyway chaps, have a good Saturday.
Saturday 15th February 2020

Pre-shave : Hot shower / Nivea Sensitive Face Wash / Proraso White pre-shave cream
Brush : Stirling Soap Co. Finest Badger
Soap : Barrister & Mann Reserved Cool
Razor/Blade : Claymore V1 / Schick Proline (2)
Post-shave : Cold rinse / Thayers Cucumber / Epsilon Blue


My first use of B&M soap today and I was warned by the seller that there’s a technique to getting a good lather - take my time and use plenty of water.

My first attempt was a disaster. I took much longer than I usually would, added water, added more water, and some more.....the the lather just started running off my face before it disappeared completely.

A bit surprised but I had been warned.

Started over and went a bit slower with the water. After a few minutes it just exploded. Loads of Lather, too much if I’m honest.

The scent is almost identical to the Epsilon Blue with that fresh barbershop aroma. The slickness is top drawer with great glide.

A BBS result and a nod in the mirror that the soap was a good purchase.

Have a great weekend folks
North Wales
Pre - Proraso Green
Razor - Feather AS-D2
Blade - Gillette Rubie (1)
Brush - Rooney 1/2 Silvertip
Soap - Pre de Provence 63 (sample)
Post - Homemade Witch Hazel with Tea Tree Oil
Balm - Loreal Soothing Birch Sap
Fragrance - Ararmis Tobacco Reserve EDP

I'm coming to the end of my PdP 63 sample and absolutely loving the performance and scent of this quad milled soap. I have been so impressed that I've ordered a tin from the states. Ridiculously for a soap made in France is that I could only purchase it from the U.S, no idea why. First use of a Gillette Rubie for me and to be honest it felt middle of the road, I'll reserve judgment for now until second and third use but it felt a bit dull for me.


To follow up on my previous SOTD my theme for today was 'Ikon SB (in proprietary Black)'. So themed because

1. That is the razor I used
2. I am unoriginal
3. I am a lazy sod and couldn't be bothered
to come up with something which takes thinking power


And a lazy photo prevails

Oh a razor - Ikon SB (in proprietary Black)
A blade? - Polsilver Lodz
A photo absent brush - Razorock 400
There was a soap? - Extro Arancia
No way, a scent? - Atelier cologne sanguine

A day out for yet another Ikon SB except this one is black and I don't find the handle very attractive, but just like any other Ikon SB it delivers like few others I've met. Saying that the handle is nice and weighty the way I like them and feels kind in the hand. It's just ugly. Matching socks and underpants? Matching handle and owner. With a Polsilver Lodz an extremely efficient pairing which gets so so close.

Seems some time since I used the Extro Arancia and what a soap. An absolutely superb lather with a lovely fresh zesty orange scent. And it actually lasts beyond the shave. The only let down being I don't know anyone who stocks this particular fragrance and so finished will mean finished. Time to get economical.

The Brush? It's a brush..... Just happens to be good at what it does

Add the very beautiful Atelier Sanguine and a very refreshing end to one hell of a shave. Nearly as smooth as this old clip of Joan Crawford who appears to be lavishly enjoying the results from a damn fine shave.

And I always thought you had a tab after great sex. So wrong.

Anyway you forum folks all I can say is have a most wonderful remainder of the weekend and great shaves to go with it.

Did I mention?

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