SOTD: Saturday 14th July - Friday 20th July 2018.

@patw and @Scotshave (page 6, post #117) The Razorock BC Silvertip synth is calling my name! Is it really even softer than the other RR Plissoft offerings (that don't have 'Silvertip' after their names) ? If so then I bet using it is pure bliss
Hello Dave,the other RR Synth I have is the 24mm Bruce and as I use other brushes in between the two Razorocks it’s difficult to say if there’s a difference.I really like the handle of the BC ,I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you went ahead and ordered one.

I like using the synths although I prefer badger and Boar....just saying :p;)
To be honest, Dave, I find the BC as good as my other 24mm Plissoft. It’s difficult for me to decide which is softer. They’re both excellent. Do I recommend the BC? Absolutely.

Synths are my go-to brushes now. Occasionally, I’ll use a couple of Semogue boars; just for rotating. But the RazoRock Plissoft 24mm, the BC Silvertip and the 22mm Disrupter are my favourites. No soaking in water (other than that necessary) and they dry in no time. No shedding, either.

Mileage, of course; many others prefer badger and boar; and I respect that. To be honest, though, if my first brush had been one of the RazoRocks, I wouldn’t have got an Edwin Jagger Best Badger: no backbone, and only useful for ‘painting’ lather on. As a dedicated face latherer, it’s never used.
Thanks. Interestingly, I've just acquired a PIF'd Edwin Jagger Best Badger, so will be trying that out soon. I'd be very surprised if I like it more than the RR synths though but I'll wait and see. My first brushes were a badger kindly donated by a forum member, and a Wilkinson Sword supermarket one (boar I think). I immediately preferred the RR synth I bought soon after, that soft feel on the face as opposed to scrubbiness, was a godsend. I think the likes of RR & Yaqi offer outstanding value and great face feel for the price.
Hello Dave,the other RR Synth I have is the 24mm Bruce and as I use other brushes in between the two Razorocks it’s difficult to say if there’s a difference.I really like the handle of the BC ,I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you went ahead and ordered one.

I like using the synths although I prefer badger and Boar....just saying :p;)
Sorry for the double post, but tried to quote posts from 2 different pages, into one reply, and it didn't work.

Thanks, I think the Bruce handle is excellent, I have the 24mm one too. The 26mm was a bit overkill, felt like wiping a mop across my face! I'll probably add the BC to my den before long, though I did read one review that said due to the weight it can tip over during bowl lathering. Looks too good not to try though.
Land of the Prince Bishops
Tuesday 17th July

RazoRock Plissoft - Lea Menthol Cream - General Steel - Schick Proline P #9 - Alum - Electrif's Lemon Chill A/S - Dove Instant Hydration Cream

Evening shave. We're up in the early hours for the taxi to the airport for our holiday.

That is a convenient time to introduce my holiday shaving companions:

Vig Shaving Purtech - Speick Stick - General Al - Schick Proline P - Speick A/S - Dove Instant Hydration Cream
I bought this facial steamer for £24.99 off Amazon. (I DONT have anything to do with the manufacture or seller of this item) I had a shave at a local barbers before I went to Turkey as a treat. The barber had a steamer on wheels which he directed at my face rather than a hot towel. Although his technique was poor he got away with it by the prep of using steam. So when I got back from holiday I ordered this after a bit of research. First time using it today. Sat at the kitchen table, filled it with water and allowed the steam to hit my stubble for 5 minutes. I went upstairs, face lathered and WOW! The shave was the smoothest i can remember in my 10 years of using a DE razor. To me it’s worth every penny.
Ps That razor cost me £10 delivered
The brush £8 ..... how do yaqi do it

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Wow - face steamer really takes a den to the next level - in my case probably divorce, if I went that far :)




Prep ~ Valbora Glicerlanolina Soap, Luke warm shower
Razor ~ General Stinger, Brass
Blade ~ Feather Pro Super
Soap ~ OSP Lavender
Brush ~ SOC Badger & Boar Cherrywood handle
Post ~ Thayers / Jojoba oil
Scent ~ Miller Harris - Vetiver Insolent

A fresh blade in the General today and boy, what a shave. Clean & Close and skin as smooth as smooth can be. Perfect! The wonderful Vetiver Insolent to finnish, looking good, smelling great.

Have a great day people......P.


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Barry Giddens

Morning shave

Olive Oil Soap
Speick Shaving Cream
Semogue Owners Club Cherry Boar
Little Wren Pottery
PAL Injectomatic
Schick Proline (1)
Thayers Witch Hazel (unscented)
Speick Aftershave
Czech and Speake Oxford and Cambridge EDC

Whizzed around the old boat with the PAL this morning. Great little razor. Have a good day chaps.
Kent UK
Tue 17th July
Omega 11126
Cyril Salter Solid soap
Schick N3
Schick Twin - Japan [ 4 ]
Williams Aqua Velva A/S Lotion

As still working on sorting out flight details for a holiday and some shopping to do before a Hospital visit, I needed a no fuss
Shave again. As a Follow Up to the "O" Clone I chose the elegant N3 also fitted with a Twin Blade.
With the usual quality lather from the Cyril Salter soap the Shave was extremely comfortable with a first class quality finish. To top it off I used some Aqua Velva as a Splash appropriate for this Hot Spell.


Last night;
Rocca & Ladas (#4)
YaQi 2-band Badger
Fresca Soap and A/S

A repeat of my shave from the other day with the APR Fresca set. Great performance and a lovely, nourishing aftershave. Fantastic scent too, not dissimilar to Acqua di Parma’s Colonia Essenza. Ladas last 3 shaves for me. Last night was pushing it a little but it still yielded a comfortable shave.

Brush: Frank Shaving 20mm Best Badger
Soap: OSP Fougere
Razor: Wilkinson Sword Classic
Blade: Rapira Platinum Lux (3)

Finally got round to trying the last of the soaps I picked up from @Benz3ne recently. Fougere is not among my favourite family of scents, which may not be unconnected. Fortunately this one is surprisingly subtle when it's on the face, and it's a belter of a soap! Thanks Ben.

I'm still not sure where I stand on the Platinum Lux. It's not the smoothest blade just ever when in use, but the results are fantastic so far.

Happy shaving, all.

Vitos Red
RazoRock Disrupter 22mm
Face lather
Gillette Slim Adjustable (7)
Gillette Rubie #2
Thayer’s Cucumber and Aloe Vera
Floïd Mentally Vigorous
Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa

Nice to return to the DEs for a bit. I had a lovely shave with the Piccolo on Monday; and today the Adjustable came to the fore admirably.

The Red really is a great soap. I’m glad I have another large bowl of this in reserve. It’ll last for ages.90A0DD9B-CAD3-452B-904E-25E59722FDA8.jpeg
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