SOTD : Saturday 13th June - Friday 19th June 2020

What's happened to Cella? Usually you'd have a Face smelling as if it were made out of marzipan.
Hahahaha...ahh well, that's what I should smell of marzipan, something I keep reading about in forums. I never smell of marzipan before so no idea how it will be but this Cella has a faint almond scent straight from the tub. Even my wife says a very faint almond scent. It doesn't matter because the lather quality is great. Perhaps the next few uses may bring out the proper scent....
Do you think if soaps kept in some vendors stock can be too long so as the scent quality is lessened?


Sunny Cornwall
Friday 19th June

Mühle Kosmo SFT V1 - Signature Soaps Londinium - Feather AC SS/Feather Pro - TOBS No 74 Victorian Limes

Normally I use Prolines or Professional Super and I found the standard Professional to be quite rough. Hopefully that will improve with use.
2 passes and a touch up for a DFS+ finish
You say you normally use Prolines or pro supers so what made you change to pros? P.
Kent UK
Cold Water Shave
Brush: DS Cosmetic
Soap: CR Salter Indian Sandalwood
Razor: ATT SE1 - G
Blade: Personna GEM PTFE (4)
Post shave: Cold water rinse, Shower, EO infused Witch Hazel
Balm: Bart's Balm Rosemary and Sandalwood Balm & Lotion
Aftershave: Copycat Bleu
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A wonderfully smooth shave today, and the realisation of how i nicked my septum the other day, there are no blade stops on the razor head as they are not needed, however, this leaves the corner of the blade exposed, which would not normally be an issue unless you are going XTG under your septum - Noted and adhered to.
I like the routine of cold water shave then shower, its really seems to help. Anyway, i like it.

Round 2 and final round of B2 cleaning.
Today i used the help of a cotton bud, a tiny bit of Autosol and a cocktail stick.
a light rub of polish then each grove of the handle rubbed with the stick to remove the staining.
A final polish of the case and razor buffed - - -
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This B2 has toppled the MMOC as my favourite Vintage razor.
Stay Safe and enjoy your day All
You got a superb buy with that rare B2
High Wycombe
19 June 2020 – mid afternoon – I was bored ….
2 days' growth – tried the Weishi travel razor once again, good all round shave, though two or three weepers – it just doesn’t feel as positive as the R89 or Braveheart and the Feather blade is unforgiving – best to leave it for travel then.

Prep: Aldi Bath Soap & Nuage Shave Oil
Brush: Yaqi Rainbow 26mm
Razor: Weishi (China)
Blade: Feather
Soap: Old Spice Cream
After: Cold Water Splash - Ajanta Alum - Autograph ASB
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