SOTD : Saturday 13th June - Friday 19th June 2020


Good evening, I hope you’re all well.

This evenings effort consisted of;

Pre- Myrsol Emulsion
Razor- Rockwell 6S (R4)
Blade- Gillette 7 O’clock Permasharp Stainless (5)
Soap- Signature Soaps Britannia
Brush- Ex Sh Medium Jock Synth
Post- Osma Alum block and Myrsol Emulsion

First time with this soap, the dominant scent is aniseed with the mint in the background.
Took quite a lot of water to get going but when it did the lather was great, very thick and an excellent long lasting scent.
This blade works well with the Rockwell 6S and I’m more than happy with two passes, with and against using the R4 plate.
A quick rub of alum produced a negligible amount of sting so more than happy with tonight’s effort.

Stay safe, keep smiling.

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I guess we are both in the same boat on this one

Razor: ATT S2
Blade: Gillette 7 O'clock SP Black (2)
Brush: FS 28mm Silvertip
Soap: PAA Solstice
Pre: Proraso Cypress & Vetiver
ASL: Williams A/V
ASB: Proraso Blue


What a lovely scent the Solstice is. Excellent lather and brought some warmth on this wet and miserable evening. This is the second PAA soap I've tried and I've not had any irritation from this one either. Fingers crossed this run continues! 3 passes for a BBS finish.
Razor: Gillette Super Adjustable 109 P1 (setting 3)
Blade: Nacet
Brush: Yaqi 24mm Synthetic Tuxedo Knot
Croap: Extro Del Don
Post: Cold rinse
Balm: Nivea Sensitive

Another shave and another new soap to try. Second try of an Extro Cosmesi croap and Del Don performed in a similar manner to how Vetiver did yesterday. Again a subtle, pleasant scent that stayed all the way through three passes.

SOTD_20-06-19a 700.jpg


Sunny Cornwall

SOTD 19th June 2020

Razor - Feather WS-D2
Blade - Feather Hi Stainless
Soap - Agua de Colonia - Alvarez Gomez
Brush - Alpha Outlaw V1 fitted with Rhodium Silvertip knot
Post - Agua de Colonia aftershave balm
Frag - Agua de Colonia edc - Alvarez Gomez

The scent of Madrid from these wonderful products is enough to lift your spirits even on a cool English morning
A smooth , close and comfortable shave, most enjoyable :)

Untill the next time, have a great day :cool:



This evening saw a shave with the theme 'Durex super Feathers'


Sensitivo comfort - Stainless Colonial General
Pleasuremax - Feather Super Professional
Control touch and feel - Razorock 400
Skyn extra lubricated - Signature Soaps Danum
Billy Boy extra moist - Nivea moisturiser

Everytime I see the brand Feather I always have a silly little inward giggle as It takes me back to my youth when Feathers were the name given to certain Durex Condoms. Not as though we had any idea what to do with a condom and found it more entertaining to make them in to rude balloons.

When @Blademonkey said he was sending a packet of 20 Feather Super Professionals I have to say I was rather excited with the prospect of receiving something I presume was exclusive to the adult film industry. I had a vision of 20 huge balloons. What a total deflation when a packet of bloody sharp blades arrived instead. As far as I am concerned they should at least have had a health warning on the packaging 'Not for birth control'. Although Lorena Bobbit might think differently.

As it was they just happened to be a snug fit on the big General.

These Signature Soaps just perform time after time. Brian just got it right from the offset and they simply tick all the right boxes. The Razorock is another sterling performer and a cracking all round brush. More so given that it cost buttons. Which helps in my case as I am paid buttons.
One thing I enjoy about SE's is the choice of blades. There isn't many. Unlike the minefield which opens up with the world of DE's. However I will say the Super Professional is a new one to me as I am much a creature of habit and do like my Kai Captain's and Prolines. Sometimes it is nice to break a habit though and these offerings from Feather have blown my shaving mind. I was expecting something unuseably sharp and yes they are sharp, but they are incredibly civilised to use. Smooth and efficient. A superb match for the mild big Colonial and perhaps the best I can recall from this particular razor. A big thumbs up from me.

Altogether one big grin inducing smashing smooth shave with absolutely astounding results. Nuff said. I've done enough Giphys so far so I'll miss the usual sign off.

Stay well and healthy everyone and wish you all great weekends. Keep your social distancing, keep your bubbles, use a condom and anything else is just a no no. And so are these

19 June

P&B Spitfire
Cadman M55 30mm Tuxedo
Merkur Progress 500 (2.5)
Feather Hi-stainless
Fine Snakebite
Chanel Bleu


A fine shave this morning. The Progress with a Feather seems to suit me on a setting of 2.5, which provides a superb, comfortable and efficient shave. A top quality adjustable razor at a bargain price. If I had started my wet shaving adventure with this razor, I might never have felt the urge to try another... but then again.
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