SOTD Saturday 12th Sept to Friday 18th Sept 2020


Sunny Sunderland
Pre: Shower
Brush: Simpson Chubby 2
Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat
Razor: 5/8 Thiers Issard Evide Sonnant - Red Stamina
Blade: @Fergiebilly
Post shave: alum, Cold water splash, TC's Bay Rum Splash #1
Balm: Bart's Balm Lime Balm & Lotion
Aftershave: Vintage Ferd. Mülhens Vintage 4711 EDC
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Its All about "The Fat" Synth.
Today i decided to use "The Fat" with my Chubby Synth to see if there was any difference, There was a difference! i was using a synth - and that's it.
I quickly soaked the brush in warm water and loaded for a little longer today, again looking for the creamy goodness forming on the top of the soap, with a little water on the face i completed exactly the same technique as yesterday and in no time i had a lovely thick, slick lather on the chin.
I completed my WTG pass without issue, i thought i may get away with a single pass today after yesterdays really close shave, after a quick rinse, alas, it was not to be, even though no one would be able to tell.
So with the remnants of the rinse water on the chops i completed another face lather and was rewarded with another lovely covering. I completed my 2nd pass routine of WTG from cheek to jawline, then ATG from neck up to jawline. result DFS+ without issue.
That's all i needed.
So after the rinse off i decided to go for lather #3, this time i added about 3 drops of water dripped from the fingers into the top/centre of the knot, an easier 3rd face lather than yesterday and plenty of it. I left that on the face while i cleaned the sink, brush and razor and dried both off. The lather stayed throughout the clean up. A quick rinse leaving a lovely post shave feeling.
Then an Alum rub giving no indication, cold water splash and a rub of my Bay Rum Splash. Very nice.
A great post shave, today using the Vintage 4711 matched with the Lime Barts Balm.
Whoo Hoo!
I enjoyed that.
Whats that???? its the postman, i am excited now.
Stay safe and enjoy your day All.
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Kent UK
Fri 18th Sept.

Omega 11137boar
Lea Classic oap
Schick WW11 E2-Canada
Schick S/S -Japan [ 5 ]
Lea Classic A/S Lotion

Despite me getting a rather watery lather, the E2 performed very well and I actually got a smooth Shave with an excellent close finish. Would not have got away with it if I had used my US version, as its a bit of a beast.

Hadrians Wall
Razor-Parker Variant*
Blade-Gillette Saloon
AS-Lavender oil diluted

I got this cream as a present and despite dam near setting fire to the brush was unable to raise any lather at all. I gave up and Arko was pressed into service.
After my previous problems with this razor I wound it up to the max and we were in action. Excellent results
The Dark Lord of Wet Shaving
Date:- 18 September 2020

Pre-shave:- Cold Water straight from the tap
Bowl/Scuttle:- Captain's Choice
Brush:- WCS Two-Tone Tall (Blue & White) Extra Dense Synth. 26/56mm knot
Soap/Cream:- Ariana & Evans ~ Peach & Cognac
Razor/Blade:- Merkur 34C / Gillette Silver Blue #4
Post/After-shave:- T.N. Dickinson Witch Hazel Astringent mixed into the 240ml bottle with Natural Glycerin (20 drops) & Tea Tree Antiseptic (5) / The Stray Whisker Aftershave Balm (Australian made)

OMG! The Peach & Cognac has stunk the whole bathroom and my master bedroom like MAGIC, the scent isn't very strong and won't hit you in the face like a boxing glove that you wouldn't even see it coming at you.

This soap is great for Spring and maybe Summer, very relaxing pleasant scent throughout the whole shave and very peaceful.


Last shave of this week's SOTD entertainment and this one was themed 'Czech this out'


Břitva - Colonial general V whatever it is (2?)
Čepel - Feather Super Professional
Štětec - Yaqi Dandelion
Mýdlo - Czech and Speake Oxford and Cambridge
Páchnoucí věci - Czech and Speake 88

Pokud jste muž, který v životě chodí uprostřed silnice, zasáhne vás provoz přicházející v obou směrech

I was going to try out the new Silver Birch brush today, but it was one of those days which developed in to a right old jumble. A non turn out for the builders. Lost £45 while going to the bank. Went to the chiropodist and endured the removal of a corn and all I could think of was make this shave quick and familiar. So I did, all barring the soap which is a new one on me.

All I can say is that this C&S soap is right up there with the likes of MdC, if not up a notch again. A little goes a long way and everything about it is superlative. I was actually concerned a little as I have always thought myself to be allergic to lavender after ending up in hospital with breathing difficulties and a high pulse rate after a visit to a lavender farm. May be not. May be it was the prices they charged for anything in the shop which contained lavender. Which of course was everything.

No problems this time around and an absolute God amongst shaving soaps. For £23 I consider this one great purchase, perhaps more so when you consider the same sized soap in a C&S container costs £115. My cheap tin cost £1.17 and does the same job. So £24.17 to me is a great price for something of this quality. To make it even cheaper I found out yesterday that the master barber in Southport are a stockist, so no postage cost. Just so happens I am going to Southport tomorrow. Mmmmmm? I wonder? Will Mrs Satanfriendly understand? Most possibly not.

So so easy to lather and whatever it is what you look for in a soap it delivers. Just the same as MdC, it isn't cheap but the way such a little quantity throw up so much lather makes it very cost effective. And for everything it does so damn right I would happily recommend it as being one of the best soaps out there.

The Colonial with a V number I have just grown to love and the brush is by far the best Daffodil I know of. The C&S 88 was choice of scent as I don't have the Oxford and Cambridge EDP and it isn't on the list for a future purchase and possibly more on the 'Won't bother list'. But amazingly the 88 is a wonderful match for the O&C even if I am starting to smell like a garden centre.

A top notch shave in every sense and grinning from somewhere to somewhere.
Have great and safe weekend all you folk and enjoy this great weather while it is here

I leave you with some pretty ladies thrashing out some of my usual Japanese choice music

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