SOTD Saturday 12th Sept to Friday 18th Sept 2020

Kent UK
Thur 17th Sept.

Omega 11126 boar
Arko Stick-grated
Schick Type F
Schick S/S- Japan ( 5 )
Pitralon Original A/S lotion

After a rather disappointing Shave yesterday, I had a mid day one as I was away for the night so waited till we got home.The Type F has a reputation for being mild, but I find it quite efficient, and was pleased with today’s results and the Razor is a delight to wield.

North East.UK
Thursday 17th September
Alpha Outlaw - Eco Warrior Bergamot & Lime - Pal Injectomatic - Personna SSC #2 - Williams Aqua Velva A/S - Aloe Vera Gel

Thanks to the enablers (you know who you are) I've just had an excellent shave with this British soap. £4 from Amazon.
Easy loading from the bar, it produced loads of lovely creamy lather, taking a lot of water in the process. The slickness was pretty good too.
A lovely lime scent was very apparent throughout the shave.
I'm so impressed!!!
I might try it stick wise next shave.
I've had my eye on this for a while,but have been reluctant to press 'Buy Now',due to having a boat load of soaps and creams to contend with however, after reading this i may have to treat myself to a bar.

Razor: ATG G1
Blade: GEM PTFE (1)
Brush: Wild West Brushwork's Cashmere
Soap: Stirling Piacenza
Pre: Proraso Azur Lime
ASL: RazoRock XXX
Scent: AdP Colonia


Today was supposed to be the turn of the Yaqi Katana but @vates guilted me in to trying the G1. I'm glad he did. What a brilliant razor. Even a new GEM blade felt smooth in this razor and two passes were more than enough to get me a comfortable - an excellent start considering things can only get better with familiarity. It's certainly weighty but never feels like it's going to bite. @Tony'schin this is definitely a keeper!

PS - I smell awesome!
Amber Valley. East Midlands
That sounds ideal mate - gets the tatts on show - say nothing - look vaguely dangerous - job done - you have passed your first module on how to be Glaswegian - I'll send you your certificate. Nobody will suspect a thing. :cool:

Joking aside - sounds like you are doing everything right - problem is - at this time of year - you are going to see 'normal' flu and colds kicking in - twelve months ago - we wouldn't have thought twice about it. Times have changed though.

If your throat is bad - I give you my patent hot toddy recipe - it will help and you'll sleep.

Take a large glass -

half fill it with whisky - the cheaper the better - anything blended will do

add -

the juice of two freshly squeezed lemons - or limes - if you are feeling exotic
two or three tea spoons of honey
about an inch of fresh ginger root - grated into the glass

top up with - warm - but not boiling water. Stir well. Drink. Go to sleep.

Take care mate - I.
Thank you for the Hot Toddy recipe, Iain

Unfortunately, I do not possess 'cheap blended Whisky', preferring only single malt.
I had a large Toddy on Wednesday night with my 'cheapest whisky - Glen Moray, but didn't have any honey, so substituted it with plenty of sugar. . . . It tasted thoroughly diabolical !
Another Toddy last night, this time with another inexpensive Malt - Ledaig - this time with honey. . . . Much better on the taste buds !
My wife is picking up some root ginger today, so I will be "on the Toddy" again tonight ! . . . . . This could very easily become a habit !
Fri 18 SOTD
Soap Colonel Conk BayRum
Brush Yaqi 26mm Rainbow
Razor Parker Semi Slant
Blade BiC Chrome Platinum 2nd
Post & Aftershave
Ice Water + Special Thayers Mix
Hyaluronic + Clubman VIBR Bootlegged
Another CC soap which is truly remarkable! In my humble opinion, underated. Direct load from puck and face lathering with the excellent soft brush produces a beautiful creamy and slick lather. Only thing for me is the less than mild scent.
Shave with razor paired with blade was very enjoyable today. Sharp but ohh so smooth. Very comfortable for 3 passes with result so smooth & close like glass except the usual spots...bbs to dfs. Post and aftershave was excellent too. Bootlegged VIBR very nice...Rating 9.8/10
Friday 18th September

Simpson 'Eagle' 3 - Mitchell's Woof Fat - Focus R28 Slim Al/Gillette Wilkinson - Caldey Abbey Island Lavender

Just about to go on my first leave (Lock downs permitting) since the pandemic started so it is welcome 'chill time' . An isolated cottage in Angelsey in a dog friendly setting. This will probably be my preferred set up with no further SOTDs until I get back.
3 passes for a 'Face Feeler' :)
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