SOTD Saturday 12th Sept to Friday 18th Sept 2020

Back to Cyril R Salter R Salter creams today - the third of four recent acquisitions: French Vetiver.

I again used the Phoenix AA Starcraft brush (and what a gem it is!) and the cream lathered very quickly and created a really generous amount of soft lather from only a small amount from the pot. The downside was the scent…up close it had a sort of burned hair and ashes smell, but seemed almost entirely fragrance-free for the shave itself. Certainly, in terms of scent, it was the most disappointing of the three CRS creams I’ve tried so far this week, and once it's all gone it isn't a cream I'll be replacing.

Using the EJDE89, I again tried a different blade: ‘Rapira Supersteel', which I was very impressed with. It was smooth and unaggressive but very effective, and I was finished in my normal two and a bit passes.

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So far, the Wild Rose is my favourite of the CRS creams, and I only have one more to test: Sublime Citrus. That will be at some point this week but I have other things to try out first!

Happy shaving to all(y)
Couldn't stand the scent of this one. One use and had to PIF it but performance was spot on.
Amber Valley. East Midlands
Yesterday - Tuesday 15th September

Soap Tabac
Brush Simpson Trafalgar T3
Razor Timeless 0.68 SS Scalloped
Blade Silver Blue
Post Tabac Aftershave

I began to develop a heavy flu like cold while at work yesterday. By the time I got home I wasn't fit for sweet Fanny Adams - I forced myself to bathe and have a quick shave.
The shave went without fault as expected of all elements employed.
Didn't get a wink of sleep all night - throat as rough as a welders glove, runny nose and high temperature.
I had to be at work at 5.30 this morning as I couldn't let my work colleague down without notice.
It's been a long day, with no signs of this nasty illness abating - with more critical work planned for tomorrow (it sometimes seems that management think I'm the only one who is capable ? )

All be safe, won't you . . .
Today’s SOTD:

Henson SOTD.jpg

Razor: Henson AL13
Brush Turn N Shave Tuxedo
Soap: Black Ship Black Beard
AS Balm: Sudsy Soapery Pumpkin Spice
Blade: Feather

First shave with the Henson tonight and I wasn’t disappointed.

I loaded it with a Feather and it mowed down my stubble with ease. This is not as mild a razor as I thought it would have been, based upon some reports I have read.

I deliberately chose a Feather as this is the blade I prefer to use when testing razors for the first time.

The razor has a very slightly blade forward feel to me and the characteristic drag of aluminium was present. It was really easy to find the correct angle and the result was a very enjoyable and close shave.

It’s clear that a lot of thought and design has gone into this razor and the addition of a tungsten insert on the underside of the baseplate where the handle connects is an inspired choice.

The fit of the razor is excellent with very tight tolerances and rigid blade clamping. The finish of the razor is very good (the only thing that lets it down slightly is some uneven anodising on the side of the baseplate).

I have come away from this shave having the same feeling I had when I used my first Blackbird. Everything felt spot on in terms of the design and efficiency of the razor and it feels like a very cleverly designed piece of shaving equipment. :)
Rebublic of Scotland


Two Pass Shaving Routine..

Hot Water Prep & Massage with Argan Oil
NOS Dorko Solingen Full Hollow 6/8th ( Freshly Honed )
Fitchard Pure Badger
Monsovan Bol Tallow Soap
Humphreys Witch Hazel

I Had a Wonderful Maiden Shave Tonight with My Newly Acquired NOS Dorko Solingen 6/8th..She has a Laser Sharp Edge & Smooth & Comfortable.Polished My Face Like a Pair of Guard Mans Drill Boots..Sporting a 20 K Surgical Black Arkansas Edge..A Top Tier Solingen Shaver..Love it..

I Am Dolphin Smooth & Refreshed..

Middlesex - UK
◽Henson AL13 (.85mm)
◽Polsilver SI
◽Lowborn Supply
◽Dragonsbeard soap
◽Dragonsbeard Skin Food Splash

A very smooth and comfortable shave with the Henson razor. The blade is held flat and rigid, you hardly see the blade protruding, but the angular head design makes shaving very intuitive, it practically sets the shave angle for you.
Coming in at only 38g, suprisingly, I did not feel the need to add further pressure to compensate for the lightweight, it's deceivingly efficient yet mild, the shave proved to be precise and very enjoyable.
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