SOTD Saturday 12th Sept to Friday 18th Sept 2020

North East.UK

SOTD : 12th September 2020.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower / Nivea Men ~ DEEP CLEAN Shower Gel.


Cold wet flannel to my face & head.

Pears ~ Transparent Bar Soap + Wilko Men's shave Oil.

Brush: Yaqi ~ 24mm Naples Tuxedo Knot Synthetic.

Bowl Lather.

Tesco's Ceramic 'Cosmo' Side Bowl.

Lather: The Body Shop ~ Maca Root & Aloe Shaving Cream.

Blade: Centwin ~ Super Platinum. (1)

Razor: 1940's Thin Handle Gillette Flat Bottom Tech. (ENG)


Cold Water Face & Head Rinse./Homemade lavender eucalyptus, +Tea Tree essential Oils Witch Hazel Mixture./Geoffrey Beene ~ Grey Flannel ASL.

Tesco ~ Extracts Aloe Vera Body Lotion.


Face & Head Shave.

A new shave set up to start the weekend...Over the last few months i've been adding de blades to my SOTD set ups that i have reaquainted myself with and have yet to try. i've carried on with the Centwin SP another subcontinent made blade that i've only used a few times, which paired together wonderfully with my vintage gillette tech. The Centwin SP are very much like the Indian 7o'Clock blacks a very sharp but smooth blade another blade that pairs together with my non-aggressive razors.

Let me say i think using subcontinent blades or any DE blades in fact is strictly an individual thing some people like them whereas other people will hate them.YMMV...As always opinions are very subjective.

First head shave using my vintage 40's gillette tech, the indian made centwin SP blade made another great match mowing through my remaining head stubble with ease, after 2 wtg, atg + a pick up pass my head was super smooth with no cuts or irritation.

A pleasurable near BBS face & head shave with no errors to report.

Finishing to the shave off with a generous dollop of Tesco ~ Extracts Aloe Vera Body Lotion.

My face & precious swede are feeling super smooth and smelling divine.;)

Stay safe, and enjoy the start of the weekend ladies & gentlemen.:cool:
Saturday the 12th:

#razor - 1950's ball end Tech
#blade - Polsilver SI - brand spanker
#brush - Omega 10066
#soap - Phoenix & Beau - Trafalgar

My first artisan soap in a good few years. I was drawn in by the scent descriptor - "reminiscent of the North Sea". A thirsty soap, and it performed wonderfully. A lovely lather. Great cushioning, and delicious scent. So much so, I didnt bother with a balm. Nice to keep the scent going well after the shave. I look forward to using it again tomorrow. I'm a fan.

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