SOTD: Saturday 12th January 2019 - Friday 18th January 2019

Saturday, 12 January

PreShave: Warm water
Cream: TOBS Platinum Collection
Brush: Kent BK8
Bowl: My recycled cream bowl
Razor: The Sledgehammer (Merkur 39C)
Blade Astra Platinum (1)
Post Shave: Alum

Fragrance: Floris 71/72

Since the New Year I had been using some Russian blades I bought in ’18 (Polsilver, Voskhod and Sputnik) but had never used before. Had my last shave with them yesterday, so it was time to use the control blade in this study—my go to Astra—and draw some conclusions. My initial thoughts are: Polsilver shapes smoother and leaves a better result than Astra (albeit at a greater cost); Volkshood is rougher to shave with but the end result is the same as the Astra; and Sputnik is great, about the same—shavewise—as Astra, but a bit more expensive. Let’s see how subsequent shaves measure up.

Have a good weekend.
North East.UK

SOTD : 13th January 2019.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Hot shower:/ L'OREAL~ Carbon Shower Total Action.


warm wet flannel to my face.

Pears ~ Transparent Soap.

Brush: Anbbas Boar.

Face Lather.

Soap : Arko & Palmolive Classic shave sticks. (Grated)

Blade: Ladas Super Stainless .(2)

Razor: Kanzy K100.

Warm wet flannel/ cold wet flannel to rinse my face.


Cold Water Face Rinse.//Homemade Lavender + Tea Tree Oil Witch Hazel Mixture./ Old Spice ~ Original ASL.

Asda ~ Kind & Gentle Light Moisturiser.


Another relaxing Sunday 3 pass + pick ups DFS with no errors to report.

The Kanzy K100 razor isn't the most efficient razor granted, but it gives a close presentable DFS when paired together with the right blade choice.A very comfortable enjoyable shave.

Finishing the shave off with a generous dollop of Asda ~ Kind & Gentle Light Moisturiser.

My face is feeling smooth & smelling devine.

Enjoy your sunday, ladies & gentlemen.

Prep: Valobra Glycerlanolina soap, Myrsol Emulsion
Brush: Paladin Lotus Select Badger
Soap: Palmolive Classic (Euro)
Razor: ATT SE1/UFO Tornado
Blade: Schick P30 (1)
Post: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree & Witch Hazel, CRSW Alcohol-Free American Barbershop Moisturising Aftershave
Scent: APR Festivus

My very first shave with the famed Palmolive (Euro). We get a version of this soap in Oz, but everyone tells me it is rubbish.
The scent is identical to the Palmolive cream, but the lather is better. In fact, very good indeed. The only small criticism I would make is that it fell a bit short on slickness on my against the grain vertical neck pass. However, I very much consider this praising the Palmolive with faint damnation!
Three passes and a clean-up for a BBS result.
Sunday 13th January

La Toja Magno Soap
Clubman Shave Butter (Pre Shave)
Cyril R Salter (Tallow) Soap
Maseto 26mm Badger in Finest
CJB Kamisori Style Shavette with a Dorco Blade
Alum and Rinse
Thayers Witch Hazel
Palmer's for Men Moisturiser
Agua Lavanda Puig
Grey Flannel EDT

A lovely Sunday Morning shave. I have really enjoyed my recent shavette shaves. The CJB really is an excellent choice for those who wish to 'dabble' in this type of shave.
Kent UK
Sun 13th Jan.
Jayaruh No 67
Lea Classic soap
Schick Type C1 Repeating Razor-open comb
Schick Proline [ 2 ]
Lea Classic A/S Lotion

Yesterday the Shave went so well,that I decided to use another Repeater Razor, this time the Open Comb C1. It was only my second outing with it , so I had a standby in case of mishap.

I kept the Shave simple with a dependable soap that I knew produced a good lather, and the no cost ingredients
Time & Care. After clearing one cheek and a few strokes around the neck, it was obvious that a spare Razor was not needed. At the end of a smooth and comfortable Shave, I was able with light polishing up work attain an ultra close all round finish. The Quality of finish is probably better than I get with most modern Injectors.

I must learn how to use the mechanism built into these Razors, that allows blades to be loaded from within, as currently I am loading Proline blades by hand.

Shavette with Gillette 7 O'Clock blade, OSP Chambre. I got complacent :_(

You know the point when you think you've got it sussed? I hacked my face to pieces! Time to slow down.

Then it was time for the weekly head shave. Swmbo offered to do it with the straight so I called her bluff. Her first time and she made a better job than I did on my face.

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Sat 12th Jan
Hot face wash L'Oreal Hydra Sensitive
Soap: Noble Otter Noir Et Vanille
Brush: Maggard Red Swirl 24mm synth
Bowl: Turkish Copper
Razor: Personna/Star DE (tech)
Blade: PermaSharp 2
Post: Hot and cold rinse
ASB: L'Oreal Hydra Sensitive
EDP: D&G The One
Sun 13th Jan
Hot face wash Nivea
Soap: P&B Coda
Brush: Yaqi 30mm Synth
Bowl: Timeless
Razor: Gillette Tech
Blade: Sharp Star 3
Post:Hot and cold rinse
AS: Lynx Africa
ASB: L'Oreal All in One
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