SOTD : Saturday 11th July - Friday 17th July 2020

Kent UK
Tue 24th July

Jayaruh Syn. No67
Tabac soap
ER Streamline
Gem S/S ( 2 )
Tabac A/S lotion

A very pleasing result today with the Classic Streamline, a Razor which needs to be used with care as it bites. IMHO it is one of the few Vintage SE Razors that can deliver a finish as good as those delivered by modern AC/SE, though it requires greater concentration to achieve that.

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High Wycombe
14 July 2020 – evening shave, after finally completing the greenhouse. :)
Two day growth, good shave – this time with a cheap Aldi cartridge razor, couldn’t be bothered with the usual ceremony…. Was amazed how much lubrication the little blue strip provided – very good close shave without worrying about the Feather cutting me!

Prep: Aldi Bath Soap & Nuage Shave Oil
Brush: Yaqi Rainbow 26mm
Razor: Aldi Lacura ADZE5
Blade: 5 blade cartridge
Soap: Wilkinson blue tub
After: Cold Water Splash - Ajanta Alum – Nivea Sensitive Cool ASL
Mordor, UK

Prep- hot shower
Razor- 61 fatboy
Blade- polsilver (1)
Brush- Trafalgar T3
Soap- Asian pear
Post- Cold water
A/S Epsilon

Wow! What a shave that was. Big thanks goes to Greybeard for the Fatboy. Beautiful razor in fantastic condition. Effortless bbs. Didn't even need any balm as the Asian pear is incredibly moisturising. Think I've found my grail razor. Wife's still not impressed. Lol.
I definitely under-charged:rolleyes:(y)
Mordor, UK
I've just splashed it on all over as they say...
  • Usual Ach Brito Classic pre-wash
  • Ach Brito Lavanda shave cream
  • Semogue Pharos-C3 21mm Synth - first use and it was great with lots of backbone but very soft
  • EJ89/Gillette Nacet/Timeless Titanium (I'm alternating shaves this week between this and Merkur 34G)
  • Brut AS
  • Brut body splash

Really like this new brush! Two-pass shave and everything's in the green:)

Happy shaves all(y)
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