SOTD : Saturday 10th October to Friday 16th October 2020.

Seattle, WA, USA
Thursday AM 2020-10-15
Global Handwashing Day

Rooney 3/3 Ivory Finest (26/60)
Floris Verbena shaving soap (tallow) + a few drops Rose Essence Oil/Hydrosol
Carbon Mokume-gane Brass/R2
Wilkinson London Bridge (18)
Dopo Barba di Camaldoli

The rose mix added good complexity and depth to an otherwise very bland lather scent. Despite the smoothness of the Carbon, the blade clearly had reached the end of its life.
Thursday's Shave

  • Pre: Argan Oil Soap
  • Brush: TDR 26mm Synbad
  • Razor: Ja Henckels 6/8
  • Soap: Signature Soap - Coria
  • Splash: Proraso Red
  • Balm: Bart's Amber and Moroccan Jasmine
  • Scent: X Bolt
I had a sharpening session last Night and this one had a bevel set and then a Jnat progression resulting in a very sharp but conformable edge. I know I keep saying it but the Signature Soaps Coria is wonderful , a similar scent to Mdc Rose , but with some added elements and a better balance in my opinion.

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Thank you, it’s kind of you to say that. Regards Brian

With only three brush manufacturers having developed fibres specifically for shaving brushes - Muhle's Silvertip Fibre; Omega Silversynth Fibre; Simpson's Platinum Fibre - I find that it really shows in use compared to the brushes from Yaqi, DSCsometics, APShave etc. Omega's Silversynth is top of the heap at the moment for me; their knot has the most progressive splay of any synthetic I have used, great flow through and the lather remains at the top of the knot rather than dribbling down to the bottom of the knot and then down the handle à la CH2S; the face feel is also relatively natural feeling - a great brush, not discounting the problems some have had with glue bumps.
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Good evening gents
Pre- Bloom water
Soap- P&B Spitfire
Brush- Maseto 26mm 2 Band Badger
Razor- Rockwell 6S (R4)
Blade- Gillette Rubie #6
Balm- P&B Spitfire
Splash- P&B Spitfire

No complaints from me this evening. A nice chilled shave and my first ever shave with a badger. The brush performed excellently with the P&B soap. Rubie blade still going strong on its 6th outing.
2 Passes WTG and XTG and a little buffing up around the chin and I’m as happy as Larry.

Cuppa tea and a read of my book and it’ll be bed time.

Stay safe everyone.

Razor: Mongoose 'Skippy' Mingoose
Blade: Schick Proline (1)
Brush: Frank Shaving 24mm G4
Soap: Mondial Bergamot and Neroli
Pre: None
ASL: Proraso Green

I was not looking forward to this shave. 2.5 days of growth and a razor I'm not enjoying. The initial plan was to use a brushless cream as the right side of my face is a little sore from dental surgery yesterday but the sample pot of Brickell in my cabinet had dried out. A quick grab of things to hand resulted in the list above.

It turned out that the brush was fine to use on my face. It also turned out to be an excellent shave. What a difference a blade can make. I'm really happy with the finish delivered and Skippy was like a hot knife through butter.


'I am a lobster' was the theme given to this wonderful shave


Lobster trap - Ever Ready 1912
Lobster claw - Gem
Lobster thermador - Wee whiskey brush
Lobster pot - ADP
Lobster telephone


Thank you Salvador

A recent purchase of some old style ADP croap from the BST has allowed me to use my 'nearly finished' tub with a little more generosity being as I really did think this would be the last on the planet and to be used in a conservative manner. A soon to be extinct shaving product. Sir David please take note. And by the way, your ship is taking forever to be finished over this way.

What is there not to be liked about the ADP croap, other than being overtly expensive in the first place. This new jar is the best part of 90% full and at a wonderful price has made it my inevitable bargain of the month.

The 1912 I was told sounds like dry toast being scraped which is about correct although I think it sounds more like you are shaving with a bag of rusty springs. Not as though I've tried it, but this is what I'd imagine it to sound like. But the more I use this razor the more I am seeing why folk have a certain heart for it. Still remains daunting to look at and it still remains to look like a gardening tool for gnomes.

'All we did was ask if we could have our spade back you big bastard'

So a wonderful shave with the wonderful end result of a big smiley smooth face. So impressed my wife has asked if she could have a loan of the 1912

'Yes, for down there'

And as tradition would have it, it is that time for the Japanese ladies to sign off this particular shave. On this occasion it is over to that band which are touted as being a bit of a 'super band', Nemophila and a cover of Pink's brilliant 'So what?'. So come on, sing out loud, 'So what, I am a lobster'

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