SOTD Saturday 05th Sept to Friday 11th Sept 2020

Amber Valley. East Midlands
Wednesday 9th September

Brush - YaqI 24mm Tuxedo Marble Handle
Soap - Vitos Super Red
Razor - Timeless 0.68 SS Scalloped
Blade - SuperMax Blue Diamond Titanium 1
Post - Floid Mentolado Vigoroso ASL

It seems ages since I've used Vitos Red soap, prompted by reading a thread started by @wayne_m on here or ATG ?
I've kept mine pressed into a round Tupperware type clip lid pot for around three years and it's still soft, has it's almond scent, and performs excellently.
Since I'd used my Game Changer every shave for at least a month, I was well overdue a change - enter the Timeless 0.68.
A completely different weapon entirely . . .
It shaves closer and smoother than the Game Changer, and no need for touch ups following my usual WTG/ATG routine.
Writing this a whole twelve hours later, I can confirm regrowth is slower - indicating that the shave was indeed closer.
Finished with a liberal amount of Mentolado Vigoroso, which rounded off the shave very nicely

Razor - Gillette New OC
Blade - Astra SP (2)
Brush - Zenith Euro X
Soap - Lea Menthol Cream
Post - Witch Hazel/Nivea Balm
AS - Signature Soaps Danum

I'm appreciating the New OC more and more, like the Old Type it's taking me a while to get the right angle but now that my technique using it is improving it's so delightfully smooth and efficient.

Have a good day gents.


Post-cold recovery shave

I’ve been dosed with a heavy cold this past couple of days, so this shave was two days growth, for the first time in a while. I normally like to shave daily, each shave is much easier and any missed patches don’t look nearly as bad.

Envoy / GSB / MITA / Snakebite / Myrsol Emulsion

The menthol blast was certainly very nice! The GSBs continue to impress


Castlerea , Ireland
Thursday's Shave
  • Pre: @Digimonkey Pattented Argan Bunny Soap
  • Brush: Shavemac 26mm Synthetic
  • Razor: Tanifuji 935
  • Soap: PAA Solstice
  • Splash: Aqua Velva - Will this stuff never die
  • Balm: Bart's Unscented
  • Scent: No.1 from Lidl
20200910_101719 2.jpg

I am rapidly using up the only PAA soap I ever tried until now Gondolier which I think is very good, a good friend on the forum sent me samples of all his PAA soaps so I can decide which to buy next (7 in total including 2 with the CK6 base), My plan is to use them all one after the other and decide which I like best.

So today I used Solstice , same great PAA performance and post shave, for me the fragrance was not horrible but not really one that was exactly to my tastes , I got Dusty Grass and Vinegar. The official scent profile is Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar, Rose Absolute and Benzoin Resin.

My League Table so Far :)

1. Gondolier
2. Soltice

A small problem with my lovely Tanifuji on todays shave the scales have become brittle with age and the scale is cracking round the Pin , so she will need new scales at some point.
Kent UK
Thur 10th Sept.

RR Syn.22mm
Cyril Salter So;id Soap
Hiram Commander / Plate2
Schick Proline [ 5 ]
Pitralon Polar A/S Lotion

Looks like the Hiram Commander is another one of Classic Shavings productions which appears and disappears, just like The Two Cobra Razors. I have now settled on use of a standard No2 plate, and providing you like a hefty Razor this is very good, IMHO better than the King Cobra it was intended to replace. An Oh So relaxed quality Shave this morning after dropping the Car in for Service/ MOT, looks good as only 2 future Advisorys have shown up, and can shop around for a good price.



Sunny Sunderland
Brush: Yaqi Sagrada Familia 24mm
Soap: Signature Soap Vectis
Razor: 5/8 Peter Ludwig Schmidt Solingen, Celluloid Scales
Blade: @BillyJi1
Post shave: Alum, Cold water Rinse, TC's Bay Rum Slash #1
Balm: Barts Balm Cinnamon & Patchouli Balm & Lotion
Aftershave: OSP Orange and Patchouli

Wk 36 (9).JPG
A very nice shave today.
The Vectis soap is a lovely scent, the little Yaqi is just the right size for the "travel" tins of @BrianH wonderful soap and i completed a very nice face lather with the brush holding enough soap for 3 passes.
I completed my 2 pass shave routine for a DFS+ result, i did pick up a small graze under the chin although it has not bled.
A complimentary post shave routine from the Barts and OSP leaving me feeling and smelling good.
Stay Safe and enjoy your day All.
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