SOTD Saturday 05th Sept to Friday 11th Sept 2020


To bring it home a little today's theme was 'Satanfriendly's shave'


Satanfriendly - Colonial General V2
Stainfriendly - Feather Super Professional
Satinfriendly - The Gentleman's Groom Room whiskey barrel brush
Saintfiendly - Martin De Candre Rose
Sanitaryfriendly - Czech and Speake No.88

To me this was a Satanically worthy shave with absolutely awesome results. What can I say? The MdC is truly one super soap and everything about it is brilliant. Given how much a whirl of a brush lathers in to it should be good for a life time and perhaps a few more lifetimes after this one. Pity my son sports a beard otherwise I would will it to him. As it is, sod the big hairy faced bugger.

The Groom Room brush never fails to deliver and a wonderful piece of synthetic white/grey not a badger item. A nice cross between the Tuxedo and the Cashmere. Sits wonderfully in the hand despite its simple shape probably trying to say otherwise. Love it and well done @Ian T and gang.

If I was to get my present collection down to just a single razor, it would possibly be the General V2. A pure pleasure to use and a pure pleasure of a finish. Hassle free, as smooth as you like and a finish which would be hard to improve on. Mrs Satanfriendly has offered to prove a point here and shave me using a 164/8 straight.
The C&S 88 is just the icing on the cake. So complex yet so perfect and a wonderful ending to a superlative shave.

Just one final pleasure left and a band who to me sound much down the lines of one of my favourites 'Bloodstain Child'. I just love the juxtapose some of these Japanese girly bands manage to throw up between image and music. Enjoy.....or not

Kent UK
Williams Wed-9th Sept

Vulfix 404 mixed
Williams Mug Soap
Hiram Commander /Plate 2
Schick Proline [ 4 ]
Williams Aqua Velva A/S Lotion

The Hiram on a plate 2 is turning out to be an excellent razor,good for Day to Day Shaves. Today was really pleasant and I had no problems getting a good close all round finish.Perhaps now need to try it on a Feather

North London
Did you prime the MWF in very hot water first?
No. I did put warm to hot water the first time I tried it. Then I remembered that Cris from AnotherCutAbove does not bloom or anything to his MWF prior to loading the brush. It seems the drier start the better.
Edit:- I just re-read your post in the MWF thread. I may try that. However, it does appear that MWF purchased from connaught has been an issue with potentially dodgy pucks.
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Mordor, UK
A few new things tried out...

: Ach Brito Glyce Lime pre-wash | TGS Lemon Mint shaving soap | Le Pere Lucien Cologne Fougere

Hardware: Captain Facwett synthetic | Supply Co V2 Custom Injector | Personna blade


The razor: Received today in trade (many thanks to @Tony'schin for an excellent bundle of goodies sent very quickly(y)) This was my first ever use of an injector razor and I decided to try all 3 plates to gauge aggressiveness, which made it a bit of a fussy process, but I ended up feeling that plate 3 was perhaps the one I'll start with next shave. I'm going to have to practice to get it just right but I had a burn-free shave at the end of the day and I enjoyed the new experience.

The brush: I will admit that I got this because I just liked the olde-style look of it. As a brush it's nothing spectacular. The tips of the bristles are a little more prickly than, say, a Yaqi or Razorock synthetic, but its narrow knot makes it good for smaller diameter shaving pots/bowls and it doesn't lack backbone. It lathered fine and held plenty of soap so I didn't need to keep re-loading it for face lathering.

The soap: A very fresh and zingy scent, and a good lather that's typical of TGS products. This is the second of three TGS soaps I am trying this week having been impressed with their Abysso previously. Yesterday was Blueberry Grapes, today the Lemon Mint and tomorrow I'll be trying Pino Alpestre.

That's all for now ya'll good TSR folks...have a great evening!;)(y)
Brush: Alpha Outlaw Titanium G4 Synth
Soap: Signature Soap Valentia
Razor: Gold Dollar "Classic Quality"
Blade: @Fergibilly (received in a trade)
Post shave: Alum, Cold water Rinse, TC's Bay Rum Splash #1
Balm: Proraso Red
Aftershave: Proraso Red
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I picked up this razor as part of a trade, it has an edge reportedly put on by @Fergiebilly, it is a very smooth shaver.
Another great lather, this time i used a nut sized piece of the @BrianH Sig Soap and whipped it up in the bowl, easily enough for 3 passes.
I completed my 2 pass routine without any issue, i even managed to do some ATG strokes under my bottom lip-line to clear that area.
Some very light indication here and there from the Alum block finishing with a nice post shave with the Proraso Red.
Result DFS++, i am definitely getting there.
Stay safe and enjoy your day All.
I’m tending to bowl lather more and more These days. It’s a common misconception amongst people that it takes too long and they haven’t got time to mess about on a morning!
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