SOTD 24 August 2020

What a luxurious shave, they don’t get much better than this. The Outlaw razor on its fourth or fifth use now and this thing just gets better and better.

Wickham Magnum soap.
Wickham Magnum post shave balm.
Gillette Silver Blue.
Executive Shaving Outlaw stainless steel razor.
Yaqi Mysterious Space 26mm Tuxedo brush.
Lancaster Razor Works Black Sheep shave towel.

Used the Lancaster Razor Works Black Sheep shave towel for the third time and wow what a fantastic towel, so, so soft and plush and it literally pulls the water off your face, a couple of pats on the face and you are dry. Also great for drying shaving gear, brush after the shave. Not the cheapest towel, but the best towel I have ever seen and used .



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