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What do you do for an active social life? My girlfriend has moved due to work, so will rapidly become an ex girlfriend. We enjoyed the usual of theatre going, dining out, country walks and afternoons in country pubs. My friends don't live nearby, so drinking out only occurs 3 to 4 times a year. I am too old for the Round Table, the Rotary doesn't do anything fun, the Freemasons are not my thing. I can only think of dance classes, which I should have done with my partner or joining a Choral society. I suspect I can't sing.

My best friend suggested Crown Green Bowls.
Local cricket or rugby club? Both tend to be welcoming - rugby is gregarious by nature and so little happens in cricket, there are loads of gaps to talk to people.

If you're into walking, look for a local walking group (avoid the Ramblers, they're notoriously cliquey) or the Long Distance Walking Association - I belong to our local LDWA. We do a walk once or twice a month, but different sub-groupings do quiz nights in the local pub, there's a curry appreciation society and even a book club sprung up inside it.

Just take something you're interested in and you'll find a local group - most tend to be very keen for new members.

Good luck with whatever you choose. I would just gird your loins and try everything.
Social life? Is that like forums? :)

If I had more time I guess I would start doing some group exercise... You always meet people there and you can find some that share some same interests so you can spend time together even besides training.

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