Smoking jackets, anyone?

Hello gents, yesterday was cold and I wanted to smoke a cigar.
So to keep the room from getting smokey, I opened a window, and put a fan in it, to blow out the smoke.
Since it was cool out, I put on my smoking jacket, and enjoyed my cigar.
So I wondered if any one on the forum uses a smoking jacket. And if so, were did you get it, I know there are a few places
in London that still make smoking and dinner jackets.
So what say the forum, smoking jackets yes or no, and if possible show a pic of it or you wearing it.


Sunny Cornwall
If I can figure out how to take, save, and post pictures.
It’s nothing fancy, the classic ‘ New Yorker ‘ style.
Satin burgundy with black shawl collar and cuffs. Robe style with sash close.
Medium weight, perfect for early spring.
It's nice to see the old fashioned sense of style is not dead, picture or not, keep looking like a gentleman when smoking your cigars in your smoking room. :) P.
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