Smart speakers... do you feel safe with one?

Yip I have a few, also have all the light switches in my house changed and plugs for all the lamps. Thermostat and tv all work through Alexa along with tv. So it’s something I use a lot and I really like now.
I have the same set up with Alexa and really impressed. I also went the route of Hive for the central heating as I travel a lot and thought it would be useful. Finally it is working ok is but a royal pain in the arse to set up.
Thanks for the feedback! Some interesting points about the smart speakers. I'd really like to try them one day, but will wait until they come down in price. As for which one... I don't think I would mind so much. Maybe prefer Amazon Echo slightly, just because of the tracking rumors about Google Home. Here's a nice comparison between the two, which made me lean toward the AE. But time will tell! I think next year could be the time to pick one up.
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