Smart speakers... do you feel safe with one?

Interested to know what people think of these smart speakers/home assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo. Do you like the idea of these little things hearing more or less everything you say? Do they really make your life better or just a fun novelty? I like the idea of them, but can't imagine one would change my life dramatically.
Novelty. I have Amazon, and it’s funny for 5 mins with guests, in particular children. After that...

I only bought one to be able to control my Sonos speakers. It is good at that!

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If you invest in the whole eco system of supporting devices they are good e.g. a smart thermostat and light bulbs.

Without them they are a glorified stereo, their real power is integration with other devices and services.

In terms of privacy they are a potential
issue. Though no more than if you are using a smartphone or any cloud service. If you are a tin foil hat wearer then they are an issue.

I do not have one myself because I do not have the supporting devices to get my money's worth out of it.

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??? dinnae ken
Yip I have a few, also have all the light switches in my house changed and plugs for all the lamps. Thermostat and tv all work through Alexa along with tv. So it’s something I use a lot and I really like now.
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Purchased the Google Home during the Christmas sale season. Replaced my 15 year old static loving analog clock radio and antique mobile device + cheap speakers used for attempting to stream music. Far few bruises on my shins from running into the bedpost with Google controlled lights. Few other uses and plans for more.
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