Signed by the author

Spalding, Lincs
I have several books signed by the authors. I like the connection that it gives between me and the person that wrote the book I am reading.
My lastest one was purely by chance, a 2nd hand book from Amazon. OK the inscription is to someone else, but its a nice addition to my collection.
Anyone else have signed books? Any tales to tell about them?

SAS Heroes: Pete Scholey.
Thunder in the park: Tom Wheatcroft (I have two copies, both signed as my dad knew him).
Foggy: Carl Fogarty autobiography.
Winning is not enough: Jackie Stewart.
Into the red: Nick Mason (again I have two copies, one 'normal', one 'special bound edition, both signed).
Thrust: Richard Noble (limited Thrust SSC supporters edition).

I am sure I have a few more, will add if I remember them.
After reading my first lee child (jack reacher) book I was blown away, so had a chat with a mate from water stones and managed to get a signed copy for me.

When I say me it was actually my
Mum as it was her birthday the following month - sadly she hates the series of books (something about them being too violent!)

Now if I changed my name to Marilyn I could ask for the book ...
Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
Signed in person? I'd love to shake hands with Cohen and have him scribble on something. Fine artefact there, Sir.
I've got a boat load of Sisters of Mercy records (there's a Cohen link ... into the mess that scalpels make) scribbled on by the big E. Loads of ASF scratched by Nik and occasionally Mrs.

... not a big reader. Scotopic sensitivity, and all that; no, not going to wear funny glasses, just do without.
Bideford, North Devon
Tom Baker signed Dr Who novel from way back when he was the doctor. I met him in a bookshop in Southampton after queuing a while when I was a lad. I've also got around five different author signed book on the subject of ancient civilisations.
The only signed book I have is Against All Odds by James Hunt.

My grandfather gave it to me on my 13th birthday. I'd have loved to have gone to the signing!
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