Active Signature soaps pass around

Thanks Paul.

I should say that, if anyone is inspired to purchase any of these soaps, they should rely on the scent descriptions on the website. There may be a confusion with the labelling on the tins I sent out and although I think I got it right there is just a tiny tad of doubt!
The base of all the soaps is the same except the Goats Milk I mix my Potassium and Sodium Hydroxides in 100% Raw Goats Milk as opposed to De-ionised water. Goats milk is unfragranced others essential oil fragranced. Enjoy and thank you


I have had a good experance with these soaps and look forward to a sweet orange and lavender scented soap to be produced by Brian and when that happens an order will be placed for sure.

I have sent a PM to @Eurofighter to ask for his address so I can post the four soaps on.

Thanks to Brian of Signature Soaps for providing the soaps for the pass around and also thanks to @globalm for his administration of the pass around.

The samples are on their way now.
I really enjoyed the soap! It creates a nice lather and it is easy to dial in. The small size also appeals to me.
Thanks again for the opportunity!
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