Shulton Old Spice Fresh Lime (Late 70s-80s?)

Scotland Near Glasgow
My most recent impulse buy, a tube of Shulton's Old Spice Fresh Lime.

Buying a product thats possibly 30 years old or older I expected the lime scent to be mostly gone (one of the reasons I keep putting off buying the original Shulton Lime Old Spice) but it still has the lime scent just smelling it from the tube. From only smelling it from the tube I can tell its going to be so much better than the P&G stuff from India which I dont think has as strong of a Lime scent as this this Shulton version. Its got a nice lime cordial scent to me, a green jelly baby is the best comparison I can draw.

Really looking forward to trying this one out and hopefully the scent is just as nice when I lather some up and use it!

Used the P&G version from India a few years ago and wasn't impressed.

I expect the Shulton version will be much better.
Looking forward to your feedback when you have used it.
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