Show us your Tackle

Here's my small collection of brushes.

My faves are the Shavemac D01 2 band flat top and the Chubby 3 Manchurian. I have a preference for dense, scrubby brushes - but I also enjoy the variety of being able to choose very different knots depending on my mood.

I only have 1 synthetic (for travel), as synthetics just don't seem to cut it in regards to face feel for me.

I would love to try a Paladin or Morris & Forndran brush in the future.

Wow, talk about make a guy feel inferior! I only have three brushes, a mid quality best badger from Executive shaving that i use for creams, and a cheap boar by Omega that i use for hard soaps, then there is a cheap Omega synthetic that lives in my travel wash kit and hence rarely sees the light of day.

Oddly seeing all theses lovely brushes on here (and there are some stunners) i'm still perfectly happy with the ones i have and have no desire to get any more :cool:
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