Show us your Tackle

The bottom 2 are Maseto 26mm knots and will be going on BST when I get around to it. I am enjoying my Semogue SOC's too much to bother with anything else.

The 4th on the right in the top row is a Vie Long 2 band set in an Erasmic handle sprayed black. Lovely knot and the handle is almost as good as the SOC ones to hold, but not as well made.

I have decided 24mm is the sweet spot for me.

The light's bad for a group pic but this is my favourite overall.
It lathers everything put before it, feels good in the hand and it's the best sized boar knot I've found so far, of course ymmv.
The humble Omega 11137

P.S. it's quite happy with the dodgy pic, see what I mean about humble?
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