Sheffield Silver Steel

Sheffield, Solingen, Eskilstuna... Is there a rule of thumb when describing the typical qualities of steel from these places? As an example the razor in the pic is made from Kayser Ellison & Co Best Sheffield Silver Steel, blade is paper thin but it does not seem brittle at all, the toe has taken a hit but the result was only a small dent and not - PING! - piece of steel missing.
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This Wee Article Maybe Useful Regarding Some History of Razor Steel Production....Some Steel is Soft & Some Steel is Very Hard...Some is More Brittle and Some More Pliable...:cool:

In Short the Old Barber Manuals Used to Say...As RULE OF THUMB....Soft, Medium & Hard...Anyone that has Honed Many Razors Learns that there are Endless Types of Steel...Vintage to Modern...As a Rule of Thumb Sheffield Steel is Usually Considered to be on the Softer Side, Solingen Blades are as a Rule of Thumb Softer to Medium Hard...Eskilstuna Swedish Steel is on the Harder Side of the Spectrum...:rolleyes:

The Hardest Steel I have Ever Came Across is Vintage & Some Modern French SR Steel...The Softest Steel I have Ever Came Across is Some USA Made Razors & Some Thinly Ground Solingen Razors...Like Wester Bros...Also the Grinding Light to Heavy Adds to the Story....:cool:

It All Comes Out on the Hones...:eek:

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