Shaving Brush Recommendation

Hello all.

My brush ( is really starting to deteriorate after several years of hard labour.

Looking to get a badger hair; the silvertip, super badger or even the super Silvertip. Got some money saved and want this to be my one and only brush rather than starting a collection of brushes.

Come across this:

But wondered how it is considerably cheaper than other super badger hairs?

Did contemplate getting a personalised brush as in chosen handle, loft etc but apprehensive about spending that extra cash and not being too happy with it.

Looking for some recommendations and guidance please?

Maybe some links?
Hello there. Silver tip/super badgers can tend to be a bit floppy. I know nothing of the executive shaving brush, but I can highly recommend them and their products.
I guess it really depends on which products you use to shave with, super badger is ideal with creams or softer soaps, and your method of shaving, bowl or face. If you like harder soaps I’d highly recommend a 2 band badger, and at that price point you could purchase a Maseto from Classic Shop 2012 ( I think!) Ebay, or Yaqi from Ali Express. I must add that I don’t have either of these brands, but they are highly regarded.
If I was buying a new brush today as my one & only I would definitely go synthetic. Modern synthetic fibres are superb nowadays, perform excellently with all software, many would say that they produce a better lather quicker. They are incredible value for money, require no break in or maintenance. I’d highly recommend the RazorRock synths, or any of the new generation knots such as Tuxedo, Cashmere or Synbad from AP Shaveco in Canada.
I really don't think that you will get stung by customs from the sellers that have been recommended to you. I believe that Classic Shop distribute from the UK, despite being a Chinese company.
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