Shavettes in to straights?

On a personal note I've found a straight razor to be more forgiving than the AC type shavettes but that may just be someting I found and may not be common across the board :) P.
SR are less sharp so they are more forgiven than Shavettes. Even if you can shave with a SR you have to be ever so gentle with a Shavette but you get used to a shavette and find the right blade for you then it's very enjoyable.

Buy one ready to shave straight and play, if you like it, then get the strop, paste, stone, and lapping film. I feel like the maintenance is endless.
Yeah, I'm not a fan of the maintenance but you only need a finishing stone OR paste OR lapping film to refresh the edge, you will need a strop no matter what. It's not so bad if you actually learn to shave with a SR.
Problem for a newbie with "you only need a finishing stone" is stropping, mess up and a refresh may not be enough to get back to shave ready.
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I started with half DE shavettes, graduated to straights and then bought a Feather AC SS out of curiosity.

Despite the fearsome reputation of the AC blades, I found the SS much more forgiving than a half-DE type shavette. Love the AC SS and I would recommend it to anyone starting out.

If the price is an issue, there are clones for a fraction of the price, and in all honesty they perform just as well as the real thing. I own both. True the real ones are made from better materials, and will last a lifetime, but if you want to try before you splash the cash, the clones are just as good.
I started wet shaving using a straight razor then tried shavettes.. My friends let me borrow their razors and shavettes so I can try which ones I will be comfortable with, then I decided to buy the ones that worked for me.. :giggle:
The dovo can offer long and short blades, the short are a half of a DE and the longer ones are bought separately, the dovo comes with both blade carriers, I have one for sale if you are interested, the dovo is feather light, and the parker stainless has more heft to it but only uses the shorter blades.
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