Shavemac D01 2-band

After much research, I bought my first badger, which is a Shavemac regular silvertip (not D01) 2-band brush in 26mm with a 48mm loft in a fan shape.

I really like the brush. I got a lot right. I like the appearance of a short loft, and I like the size. I like the way 2-band hair looks much more than 3-band somehow. However, it's a bit soft for me, and I think I would have liked more backbone.

I was thinking about ordering another 26mm/48mm brush in D01 2-band, but everything I'm reading implies that would be ridiculously firm. Do you think I would be mad?

I know this is a how-long-is-a-piece-of-string question, but zeroing in on the right brush is hard without advice and discussion :)
With a fan shaped knot you are always battling against the inevitable splay and softening that occurs whatever the hair type. So try a bulb shaped knot, it'll always have a firmer face feel with the equivalent hair type, density and loft compared to a fan, always.
Right here!
Speaking about the DO1 3 band, it certainly has a lot of backbone. There's more than my Omega Pro brushes but then these are quite springy too, something not present in the badger. It's just really the density that gives the backbone.
Initially I would say the knot was harsh but the more I use it, the more it has bloomed, improving flow through. I'm going for the standard silvertip 2 band next. Nishy is your person to talk to, you'll get exactly what you want.
I have a D01 two band bulb. If the idea of lathering up with something that more or less feels like a fuzzy pencil eraser appeals to you, go for it! Alright, slight exaggeration...but there is nothing else quite like D01 two band hair.
What level of backbone are you looking for Wintoid? Any similarities with another brush?
Hard to answer that, as I may not have enough experience really. I don't have a huge brush collection, and have only just started taking brushes seriously.

I do know that my 30mm Whipped Dog synthetic doesn't splay hardly at all, and I don't like that. Otherwise, I really like that brush.
Hmm well to be honest it is difficult to gauge what what would be best. The DO1 2 band will still give you the aesthetics your after. With regards to backbone I would find a 48mm way to rough on the face, your looking at the proraso brush on its first use or harder (backbone). I personally would push the loft up to around 54mm if the width is to be set at 26mm. You will find it to have around triple the backbone of the standard silvertip. You may have to wear it in like you would with a boar. The tips will soften but straight out the box it won't be reminiscent to your standard 2 band feel.

On a separate note I find the Paladin knots to be somewhat in between Shavemac's 2 band silvertip and their DO1 2 band. Availability being the largest issue. I also believe this has something to do with the relatively large glue bump (this may have now been addressed having read something on another forum).

I would also suggest the Omega 1009 as an in between cheap and will have the backbone/tip softness similar to a DO1 2 band after several uses.
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