Shave Prep Plus Pre-Shave Preparation / Post-Shave Salve

Ian T

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Our best selling Shave Prep Plus gets a label make-over for 2020. As a pre-shave preparation it adds good protection helping to eliminate nicks, cuts, and irritation, softening the hair and skin whilst enhancing razor glide. This unique shaving product has a different consistency to most other pre-shave products and was developed out of my fondness for using natural Shea Butter as a pre and post shave treatment. For best results - Rinse face with hot water so whiskers are softened and pores are opened, (ideally just after a shower). Apply a finger tip amount of our Shave Prep Plus on to the palm of your hand and rub palms together, then apply by massaging into the skin and stubble (against the grain of the hair helps lift and soften) to prepare the area of face to be shaved. Using a good quality shaving cream or shaving soap and a shaving brush, apply the lather over our Shave Prep Plus and shave with a nice clean sharp blade. After the shave rinse face again with warm/hot water to remove excess shave cream/soap and Shave Prep. Pat skin dry with a towel then splash and rinse face with cold water, again pat dry with towel. This product may also be used as post-shave salve, simply apply a finger tip amount of our Shave Prep Plus to palm of your hand, again rubbing hands together to dissolve the salve and thoroughly massage into the newly shaven skin (or if you wish all over face as a full face moisturiser) . Essential oils of Frankincense, Bergamot and Lavender give our Shave Prep Plus it's fantastic fragrance, enough to enjoy without interfering with the scent of your chosen shaving cream/soap or aftershave/cologne. Available now with the new labeling both in-store and on-line at

In Amber glass apothecary jar 50g , handmade in Scotland.


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