Shave Oil, to use it? per BBA Hoxton Shave

I'm having a little trouble with the use of shave oil and its use in conjunction with shaving soap, hoping that after her busy Cyber Monday, @EmmaC might help us out with a bit of advice.
I'm perfectly happy with using the shave oil, especially overnight, but the concept of putting it on pre-shave baffles me.
In the Hoxton Shave video the application of the oil is followed by the shave butter, but doesn't soap break down oil and conversely, doesn't the oil break down the soap.
The demonstrator says that the whole idea is, "to introduce hydration into the skin",....
I don't get it,.....or do you know better?....
@Emma C.
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My routine consists of washing with a glycerine soap, drying my face and then applying the oil.

By the time I've whipped up a lather in a bowl, the oil has time to do its work and, voila, a great shave is the result.

The important thing is to dry the face thoroughly as this allows the oil to penetrate the skin. If you leave moisture on the face the oil spreads everywhere, will interact with the soap, and will coat everything (including the sink and razor) in a thin layer of oil.

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Is the oil primarily for glide on the skin, or does it have an effect on the beard hair?...
I'd say it softens and moisturises beard hair as well. Leave it soak in and it should give it a bit of nourishment, as would a conditioner for 'head-hair'. It would almost certainly help out the skin below the beard as well (nourishment, again).

I'd agree though, I'd have used it primarily for slip/glide.

Edit: re-reading your initial post, oil-water emulsions require a surfactant, e.g. soap. It wouldn't necessarily break down oils or break down soap, it would provide a higher proportion of oils into the shave in the same way soaps are super-fatted for extra slip/glide. Too much of one or the other can give issues though such as dryness re: soap, or difficulty to lather re: oils.
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