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If we are talking vintage, there are two main categories: Those using GEM blades and injector razors.
Using GEM blades, the easiest and cheapest are "1912" type razors. Brilliant little machines you can easily get for £10.
Another good option are GEM Micromatic razors. Dirt cheap in the US, still worth tracking them down elsewhere.
If you find injector razors more interesting, get an earlier E or G type model if you like more aggressive razors or a later I to N model for middle of the road.
If blade cost is an issue go for GEM and order a few hundred from Connaught Shaving with reasonable international shipping.
Good injector blades are more expensive.
Personally, I'd go for... nah... I can't pick.

There are plenty of other options, but those are what I'd recommend for a beginner.
Keep in mind that you'll have to adjust your technique. Shaving angles are different but mostly more intuitive.


@jaro1069 - I'd second the advice of @riverrun - with vintage single edges - I started with an Ever Ready '1912' and never looked back - commonly available - they don't cost much and they perform superbly. It is easy to re-adjust your technique using them - compared to a de - the auditory feedback will guide you. Safe in use - and they turn out a very fine shave with a minimum of fuss - considered a classic for a reason. The modern GEM blades are easily available and cheap. With Schicks - using injector blades - I'd recommend an I type as a good place to start - efficient but hard to hurt yourself with one - they will also take the modern twin blades made by Schick - sold in the Japanese market - not the cheapest - but very long lived and superb performance in my experience. You can also use the more affordable single edge version - made by Personna. As to where to get a razor - a well known auction site is a place to start - even better - is the 'buy, sell, trade' section of the forum - you will probably have enough posts soon to have the necessary privileges - decide what you want and stick up a 'want to buy' - I'm sure it will be answered. Modern single edge razors are an entirely different matter - from the affordable Razorock 'Hawk' to the eye watering Blackland 'Vector'. Others will be a better guide to these things than me - hope this helps - good luck in your quest - it will be worth it - yours - I.

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Great advice already given, the ER 1912 is a great entry to SE shaving, cheap as chips 10 -20 £ from Ebay depending on condition and if boxed or not and the Gem blades are readily available.
As has already been said, after that there a lots to try the Gem MMOC being one every SE shaver should have in their collection, a fantastic razor, which also take Gem blades.
Give just those razors a go and you will be hooked for life on the SE shave! :) P
Good luck!
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