'Scotch Barrel' Open Comb Safety Razor and 'Scotch Barrel' Shaving Brushes

Ian T

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A re-stock of our 'Scotch Barrel' double edge safety razors and 'Scotch Barrel' shaving brushes with Gey/White Synthetic and High Mountain Badger knots have arrived at our Dundee store.

We collaborated in 2019 with a local Scottish artisan to produce our 'Scotch Barrel' OC razor and our 'Scotch Barrel' shaving brushes. The 'Scotch Barrel' razor handle is handmade in Scotland using authentic, aged and used Oak Whisky Barrels. We decided that no original marks or scorching would be removed before it was finished and sealed so every razor is truly unique. The razor also features a Scottish stag antler inlay (naturally shed) and the open comb heads used for these razors are precision made by a reputable and respected manufacturer.

For our handmade 'Scotch Barrel' shaving bushes, again we used authentic, aged and used Oak Whisky Barrels with none of the original marks or scorching removed before they were finished and sealed. What also makes these brushes so special is each brush handle has been shaped into a 'mini barrel' All knots are 24mm.

We also decided to let the artisan work with the different wood forms/grains and to express himself on each individual piece therefore every razor and brush handle will differ slightly, but all are very comfortable in hand.



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