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Amber Valley. East Midlands
How was it Paul ?
I confess to not being a scent aficionado, but here goes.

As it's a perfume oil, there is no sense of opening notes and dry down, which you get from an EdP. It's more a case of what you smell initially is what it will be throughout.
The vanilla and tobacco notes kind of stand alone - and in a way compete with each other - but in a good way.
I applied a small amount behind my ears and on my wrists after my bath at around 8 O'clock yesterday evening and it's still detectable 11 hours later.
It's not an in your face, overpowering scent by any means, and the vanilla isn't overly sweet, the tobacco is quite complex to my untrained nose.
I have a few Mr Perfume oils, Neroli Portafino , Green Irish Tweed , Sublime Vanille, and one or two others that escape my memory at this time of the morning.
I haven't been disappointed with any of them and they're cheap enough to pick up.
Always excellent service from Mr Perfume.
If you like vanilla scent, try Sublime Vanille, it's rich, fruity and complex, and it pumps for at least 12 hours. (Just don't apply too much of this one or you'll attract EVERYONE'S attention ! ) As Delboy said - "a little dab"'ll do ya"
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