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West Sussex, UK
Australian Private Reserve
Lightning Ridge

The season of the Australian Summer is untamed, solar radiation floods the stratosphere and ultra violet drenches our land and we have come to live with the power of searing winds carrying exceptional heat.

We sit on a precipice relieved by sudden and furious electrical storms, ozone surges downward from the stratosphere while deluges of torrential rain fall on searing parched and dusty earth releasing a most unique compound.

This is what we have captured, and it is called Lighting Ridge.

The tart electric notes of Ozone rest with ripe and fresh summer fruits of Limes, Guava, Bergamot and the zest of White Grapefruit forming a diffuse seasonal accord of potent and enduring summer citrus.

Star Anise provides a sweet balsamic heart with the sweet flesh of white pears and Lilly suffused with diffuse ozone and the ubiquitous smell of dry, cracked dusty earth quenched with rain that is known as petrichor.

Sweet, warm musk’s establish the base notes and they sit aside the intoxicating wet earth notes of fragrant Patchouli.

Fragrance Profile

Top Notes Include: Lime, Guava, Bergamot, White Grapefruit & Petrichor

Heart Notes Include: Ozone, Green Pear, Star Anise & Lily

Base Notes Include: Musk & Patchouli
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