Saturday 21th November to Friday 27th November 2020.

Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
Saturday 21st November

Wash with Ach Brito Glyce
Lather up with Hampshire Woolfat Shaving Soap & RazoRock 400 w/Black Fibre Synthetic 24mm
Single pass shave (2 days) with Merkur 37C & Lord Platinum Class (1)
Hot rinse, cold rinse & alum wash
Pinaud VIBR aftershave splash and hair tonic​

Starting a run through some blades sent to me by Shubs @donnie_darko < cheers, pal!

Another shave with the Hampshire Woolfat shaving soap, giving a super shave and that lanolin glow post-shave. Love it!
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This shave was themed 'Somewhere over the rainbow'

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Tin Man - Brass Colonial General
The cowardly lion - Feather Super Professional
Scarecrow - Steven Jagger 30mm Cashmere
Wicked Witch of the West - MdC Rose
Dorothy Gale - Czech and Speake No.88

I ain't going to go on too much today as rushed about here at work. All I will say is 'Fucking brilliant' and smelling very rosy

Be well one and all of you wonderful people and have a lovely weekend.

And do have some Japanese girls to sing you out

Judy Garland mixed up a treat with thrash metal - that just made my day - thank you. I
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